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Hasselblad HD4 Digital Camera System

hasselblad h4d 1 Hasselblad HD4 Digital Camera System

Your SLR is a Fisher Price My First Camera compared to this one.  The Hasselblad HD4 Digital Camera boasts 60 megapixels, an expert class lens and more on-board processing than anyone could ever need– all for the slim price of $42,500.  We’ve read Hasselblad’s press release a few times, and we know we should probably mention their proprietary “absolute position lock” and “phocus 2” technologies, but what is the greatest take-away you’ll have from reading this?  Somewhere out there, an expert-class camera is being sold for over $42,000 that offers 60MP sensors.  Do you really need to understand the basic details not to realize that this thing is bad ass?  We love our entry-level Nikon, but we’d be thrilled to see what kind of output this little behemoth has…  [hasselblad via photographyblog]

Hasselblad HD4 Digital Camera Gallery

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