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    Transparent Speaker Exposes Awesome Audio for Music Junkies
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Transparent Speaker Exposes Awesome Audio for Music Junkies

In recent years, name brand audio companies have been working on designing products that blend in to the home environment. In the everyman’s living room, speakers are hidden, tucked away into the periphery to be heard, not seen. This one is different. The People Products Transparent Speaker is intended to be seen, an eye-catcher and conversation piece that produces high fidelity audio playback.

What makes the People Products Transparent Speaker so remarkable isn’t just that it’s intended to be seen, but that it’s built to be see-through. The speaker cabinet comprises six transparent surfaces that allow the listener to see the guts of the gadget at work. The result is a design that is bold, masculine and a bit futuristic, a perfect fit for the contemporary-styled home.

The transparent speaker connects to the sound source of your choosing with old-school plug-n-play technology. It features front-side jacks just like the amplifiers of old. It’s powered by an 80-100W amp that juices a pair 3-inch full range drivers and one 6.5-inch woofer. The signal from the input is processed by a high quality DSP system that meets or bests the standards of today. In total, it’s a nice blending of old school speaker tech with a very progressive design.

The People Products Transparent Speaker is available for $849 direct from the designer’s website, shipped free to the 50 states. It’s not the type of speaker you’re going to want to tuck away behind the couch. This one deserves to be front-and-center. [via uncrate]

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