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122 Angel Number Meaning for Love, Money, and Spirituality

Angel number 122 is a message about finding balance in life and focusing on goals to create your perfect reality. Seeing the 122 angel number is an encouraging and positive sign because it indicates you have a spiritual guide looking out for you.

This table showcases how the 122 angel number meaning distills into five major aspects of life.
122 Aspect 122 Meaning
Love Change and growth
Twin flame Impending arrival
Money Work hard
Spirituality Connect with the divine
Bible Peace
Meaning of Angel Number 122
Angel number 122 means your guardian angels want you to focus on manifesting your highest good.

You may see angel numbers like 1:22 on your clock, store receipts, or bank statements. You should do your best not to ignore angel numbers because they communicate between your 3D reality and the metaphysical. It’s important to decipher the message your angels are conveying because the fundamental meanings of 122 apply to many areas of life. All angel numbers harbor different meanings, and the significance of the 122 angel number brings lessons of positivity, harmony, and success.

Understanding your angel numbers benefits your decisions and the steps you take to better your future. Below, we uncover the nuances of each 122 meaning, including what it means for your love life, money, and spirituality.

What does the 122 angel number mean?

Angel numbers are important messages from our guardian angels that help us navigate and overcome different challenges. The message of 122, in addition to other angel numbers, has been sent to you by your angels with important, hidden messages that you can implement into your life. Everyone will decipher the messages from their angels differently, so put time and effort into understanding what your angels are trying to tell you. We explain the four fundamental meanings of angel number 122 below.

  • Create your reality: It’s a call to break free from mundane routines and actively pursue your deepest dreams, emphasizing that you can improve your life through positive actions and determination.
  • Bring balance and harmony: This number signals a need to address imbalances in your life, whether in personal relationships, career, or other areas. It encourages identifying sources of disharmony and taking steps to restore balance, even if it means making compromises.
  • Give back to supporters: Recognize and appreciate those who have supported you. The 122 angel number suggests revisiting past relationships and expressing gratitude, as acknowledging and supporting those who helped you is crucial for personal growth and balance.
  • Remain positive: Embrace optimism, even in tough times. The law of attraction principles indicates that positive thinking leads to positive outcomes. The appearance of 122 is a reminder of your strength and potential, urging you to maintain a positive, grateful attitude for a harmonious life.
Infographic of angel number 122
This infographic states the 122 angel number means for you to remedy sources of disharmony in your life, honor positive influences, and persevere through difficulty.

Why do you keep seeing 122?

You keep seeing angel number 122 because you need to maintain positivity and focus to achieve your goals and create harmony in your life. This number appears in various forms, like 1:22 on clocks, receipts, or phone numbers, to connect you with the divine and provide guidance.

Angel numbers like 122 symbolize the attainability of your dreams, the importance of positivity, and the need to contribute to those around you. It appears as a sign to examine and improve relationships, especially with those you think of when seeing this number. It suggests that healing and positive change are necessary before re-engaging in strained relationships. A “122 moment” signifies the presence and assistance of your angels in your life’s next phase. You can use that moment to redefine your goals or meditate on upcoming changes in life.

What does the 122 angel number mean for love?

The 122 angel number signals that change is essential for growth in your love life. It’s a reminder that regardless of how challenging it is to alter long-standing dynamics, such changes benefit love. Be sure to take advantage of the energy that 122 sends you. If you’re resonating with the number, you should assess your relationships, identify areas needing improvement, step out of your comfort zone, and dedicate effort to nurturing your love.

Below are three relationship scenarios with a unique 122 angel number meaning.

  • During a breakup: Frequent sightings of 122 for a struggling relationship indicate an imbalance. It suggests the need for changes to assess compatibility. Difficult times can reveal if the relationship is truly meant to be. Trust in this process and be prepared to make hard decisions, understanding that your angels are guiding you with the message of 122 towards a higher path and clarity on your partnership’s future.
  • For singles: 122 angel number urges you to actively seek a healthy relationship rather than expecting it to come easily. It encourages openness to new experiences and people previously overlooked, as doing so will highlight the need for a fresh dating strategy. This number is a reminder from the universe to embrace this new approach in your quest for love.
  • For soulmates: The 122 angel number means you should remain positive and harmonious in anticipation of your soulmate. Given the intensity of a soulmate connection, dedicate time and energy to nurture this relationship upon meeting. Balance your life beforehand to fully engage in this transformative relationship.

What does the 122 angel number mean for a twin flame?

The 122 angel number signifies the impending arrival of your twin flame. This relationship is characterized by depth and intensity and will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You should prepare to balance your soul in anticipation of this life-altering union. Continue manifesting your twin flame and trusting your spiritual guidance for this significant event.

The 122 angel number concerning a twin flame reunion signifies that you and your twin flame are nearing the end of a necessary separation. Such separations, though challenging, are vital in this mystical relationship. You mirror each other’s insecurities and weaknesses, and it can be difficult to accept that the negative traits you see in your flame are also present in you.

This time apart is sent as a message from your guardian angels, emphasizing the importance of growth. It’s a reminder to trust in this process and the guidance of your angels, ensuring that when reunited, the bond with your twin flame is stronger and more harmonious than before.

What does the 122 angel number mean for money?

Angel number 122 for money means you must keep working hard to reach your financial goals. Angel number 122 is a sign that you must create your reality. Therefore, you must improve your finances if your reality deems it necessary.

You can use the appearance of 122 to reach your financial goals in creative ways to get the most out of the angel number. For example, you can ask for a job promotion, start that side hustle you’ve been thinking about, or apply for an entirely new career.

Angel number expert and author Doreen Virtue says 22 in 122 means, “Your deep conviction manifests miracles and wonderful new opportunities.”

Your angels have sent you 122 as a reminder that things don’t just happen. Your monetary goals aren’t as far-fetched as they seem if you demonstrate determination and work hard.

Chart for angel number 122 meaning
This chart explains the lessons the 122 angel number imparts for spirituality, love, and careers.

What does 122 mean spiritually?

The 122 angel number means you need to connect with the spiritual realm. The spiritual meaning of 122 is dependent on the numerology of numbers 1, 2, 12, and 22. The list below breaks down the respective numerological meaning of the integers.

  • Number 1: The number 1 in numerology is a sign of new beginnings, creation, independence, opportunity, and turning ideas into a reality.
  • Number 2: The number 2 in numerology means partnership, balance, and harmony.
  • Number 12: The number 12 in numerology represents completion, harmony, growth, and creativity.
  • Number 22: The number 22 in numerology is a master number that brings power and energy from the archangel Raphael.

We can combine the meanings of all numbers listed above to understand angel number 122 ultimately means turning ideas into a reality, balance, harmony, power, and completion.

Angel numbers often combine and transmute to spur dynamic change in your relationship with the divine realm. For example, angel numbers 122 and 133 are connected because they encourage the recipient to grow spiritually. Number 22 and 33 within the larger three-digit numbers are called masters in numerology. Master numbers are powerful numbers that amplify the message they’re present. Spiritualist Melanie Beckler says that master number 22 means:

“Stay patient, aware, and present as you keep taking inspired action to build your dreams into reality.”

122’s spiritual meaning is often personal and derived from your intuitive interpretation of events such as dreams or a 122 birthday. In dreams, the 122 angel number symbolizes balance, harmony, goal attainment, and positivity. It carries the same significance as in daily life, urging you to maintain a positive outlook, seek harmony in unbalanced areas, and focus on realizing your dreams and future goals. Seeing angel number 122 in your birthdate symbolizes personal growth and maturity. It conveys a message to focus on creating your reality by maintaining positivity and expressing gratitude. A 122 birthday serves as a reminder to embrace self-improvement to become a better version of yourself.

What does 122 mean in the Bible?

Angel number 122 in the Bible means peace. The passage in Psalm 122:6-7 states, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem—May those who love you be at peace! May there be shalom within your walls—quietness within your palaces.” Meanwhile, the passage from Psalm 122:8-9 says, “For the sake of my brothers and friends, I now say: ‘Shalom be within you.'” Both passages contain references to peace or the Hebrew translation of shalom. Consequently, we deduce the biblical meaning of 122 as peace or shalom.

Moreover, the number 22 within 122 is indirectly linked to the Archangel Raphael. While the number 22 doesn’t directly link to Archangel Raphael, its numerological meaning aligns with Raphael’s name, which means “God cures” or “God has healed.” Meanwhile, 22 is the master builder in numerology, signifying healing and creation, implying positive progression and renewal.

What does 122 mean in Egypt?

In Egypt, the number 122 has three spiritual meanings based on the sum of each digit. The number 5 refers to the star that represents the afterlife. Third, Thoth, an ancient Egyptian deity of Thoth, added five days to the year by winning the light from the moon. Fourth, the five children of Nut—the goddess of the stars, skies, and cosmos—and Geb, the god of the Earth, took five days to be born.

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