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New Macbook Air

Apple has officially revealed the new Macbook Air today at a press event in Cupertino, California.  The new MacBook Air series includes 11- and 13-inch models available starting at $999.  What’s new in the updated Air?  The updates are no small potatoes…

The new MacBook Air features flash-only storage, a large, multi-touch trackpad, an extended battery life and a high resolution display.  For speed and size, Apple has switched exclusively to flash storage for the new MacBook Air, with capacity options of 64GB and 128GB available.  The new multi-touch enabled trackpad is large and in charge, located on a deep amount of space directly below the space bar.  The battery life on the Air will run for 5 hours on wireless productivity mode and can last for up to 30 days on standby.  Last, the new display on the MacBook Air is an LED-backlit high resolution screen capable of supporting millions of colors in vibrant detail.

The new MacBook Air is available now from $999 in either 11- or 13-inch sizes.  This is pretty much the ultimate holiday gift for the geek in your family…  and hey, we are family, aren’t we?  (hint, hint)

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