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Nike Mag 2011 “Back to the Future” Sneakers

There’s fly… and then there’s Marty McFly.  These Nike Back to the Future Sneakers are clearly the latter, the very same style worn by Michael J Fox in the 1989 sequel where Marty goes forward in time.  22 years later, Nike has dropped a limited edition run of these famed shoes, available now to more than just time travelers.  We imagine you might need a pretty quick Delorean to get yourself a pair of these, as only 1500 will be produced.  150 pairs are currently available at auction on Ebay, an auction series that will end on September 18th.  The auction prices are currently in the $3,000 price range… pretty close to on par with the inflated dollar of the future.

Nike Back to the Future Sneakers Gallery

Nike Mag 2011 Back to the Future Sneakers Video