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    Phaidon Design Classics iPad App
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Phaidon Design Classics iPad App

Got an iPad?  While the best way of staying up on the latest in design and culture may be to point your iPad browser to TheCoolist, the Phaidon Design Classics iPad App will give you an encyclopedic look into the history of modern design.  The Phaidon iPad App is a virtual tour through 1,000 of the greatest designs since the industrial revolution, including works by design greats like Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier, Eero Saarinen, Philippe Starck and more.  At $19.95, it’s a solid investment into the greatest products of industrial design, with stunning pictures and informative text that’ll make you a true connoisseur of the designs that moved the world in the last century.  [$19.95 at apple via yatzer]

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