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    Supra Bullet White Tie Dye Sneakers
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Supra Bullet White Tie Dye Sneakers

Long time readers of TheCoolist will immediately recognize our obsession with Supra Sneakers.  This weekend, Supra dropped the Supra Bullet White Tie Dye Sneakers, a fresh pair of black-and-white dye pattern kicks that are just aching for our feet.  These new tie-dyed Supra Bullets are the dopest pair of zebra-style zapatos we’ve seen in some time, a white-soled casual kick with Supra’s trademark of refined sensibility.  What we love about Supra is that while the sneaker trends grow and evolve, they continue to produce edge-of-fashion shoes that remain accessible in price.  You don’t have to overspend to look good, and shoes like these look absolutely oh-so-good.  We’ll take two pairs, Supra.

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