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    Schindelhauer Bikes: Belt Drive Beauties
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Schindelhauer Bikes: Belt Drive Beauties


It’s likely that you’ve never heard the brand Schindelhauer Bikes before– we hadn’t either.  These lovely fixies are the work of Jörg Schindelhauer, a brilliant bike craftsman and a proponent of the belt drive gear system.  Belt drives provide a lighter, tighter and stronger option over a traditional chain, as these won’t break, sag or pop-off mid-ride.  The Schindelhauer frames are available in powder coat or fine brushed metal and the components are all top-of-the-line.  That version above with the leather saddle and matching grip tape has us drooling all over our keyboard as we type. Mr. Schindelhauer, you are a professional, sir.  We love your work!



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