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    Beer of the Week: Primator Maibock
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Beer of the Week: Primator Maibock

primator maibock

Primator Maibock is TheCoolist’s Beer of the Week.  Each month, a package arrives on our doorstep from the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club, a selection of four distinct beers with three bottles each.

On a recent arrival, we were presented with a bottle of Primator Maibock, a maibock-style beer from Pivovar Nachod of the Czech Republic.  It was our clear favorite from that shipment, and one we had waited to feature here for some time.

The Primator Maibock pours clear and gold in color, laced with a thick, creamy head.  This maibock has an aroma of sweet malts and grains, a scent that is shared in its sweet-but-crisp flavor.  Its medium-bodied for a beer of such high alcohol content (7.5% abv), moderately carbonated and surprisingly drinkable.  The World Beer Awards voted the Primator Maibock as the 2008 World’s Best Lager, and while we can appreciate that vote of confidence, this beer is excellent– but not world beating, in our opinion. 

Regardless, it is certainly worth buying if you can find it at your local beer boutique.

  • Style: Maibock
  • Brewery: Pivovar Nachod
  • A.B.V.: 7.5%
  • Source: Beer of the Month Club
  • TheCoolist Rating: A-

TheCoolist is sponsored by BOMC so that a portion of the revenue from each package purchased by our readers is shared back with us.  This allows us to continue paying for beer to review and to help cover the costs we incur in running this site.  This will never color our editorial voice on any of the beers we review– whether it’s good or bad, we’ll certainly say so.  Should you decide to try a Beer of the Month Club package, know that you’ll be buying us a beer as a result.  With that, cheers!