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    This Incredible Italian Cruise Yacht is Like a Seafaring Ferrari: Meet the Riva 76 Yacht
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This Incredible Italian Cruise Yacht is Like a Seafaring Ferrari: Meet the Riva 76 Yacht

This stunning super yacht comes from one hell of a pedigree. The Riva 76 yacht is the latest in a line of luxury yachts that reaches all the way back to 1842. It’s the seafaring counterpart of Italian vehicle brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and others. It’s characterized by a sleek body design, a high-end luxury interior and a massive powerhouse that drives this beauty across the open water. It’s as Italian as they come, another prime example of the country’s rich design and engineering identity.

Riva Yachts was founded in the mid-19th century on Lake Iseo in Sarnico, Italy. What began as a shipyard for repair and construction would emerge as a luxury boat brand in the 1950s. Since then, you’ll see Riva yachts driven by celebrities in the border lakes of Italy and Switzerland, otherwise perched along the Italian coast.

The Riva 76 yacht, like other models that extend as long as 122 feet, is built for cruising and overnight accommodation. It features rooms for the owner and guests, a cruise boat of its own for private seafaring journeys. The interior spaces are lined with Officina Italiana Design and Poltrona Frau furnishings, yielding a look that would be at home in a high end boutique hotel somewhere inland. It’s practically a small house over a solid hull, and it’s large enough to be a home for weeks on end in the warmer months.

The Riva 76 isn’t all good looks, however. It’s powered by an 1800 horsepower engine system that can cruise up to 37 knots. That’s nearly 44 mph for the less nautically-oriented. It’ll take you from one port to the next in the Mediterranean in no time. While this performance is impressive, the boat is designed for the enjoyment of the journey. Once you arrive on the coast of Cinque Terre, you’ll be in no hurry to leave the yacht. There are no better seats available to take in the sights than those aboard the Riva 76. That’s the experience this ship was built to provide.

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