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    ScubaCraft Underwater Boat
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ScubaCraft Underwater Boat


Is the surface of the water getting a bit redundant to you?  If you’re more curious about the life below sea level, the ScubaCraft Underwater Boat is the craft for you.  This progressively-designed speedboat has one feature none of the other boats in your marina do provide– the ability to submerge.  While the cabin isn’t contained like a typical submarine, this one will take you under provided that you’re wearing the proper scuba gear.  When you’re under, the ScubaCraft will speed you through the waters thanks to a 160 HP engine, enough power for 50mph above the surface.  It’ll cost you $164,000 for this water toy– and you may have to grease a few palms (or fins) to get a legal sticker to use this one on the open water.  Should you get there, take us for a spin under sea, yeah?  [scubacraft via luxist]



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