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    Nikon D3S Sample Images: Low Light, High Quality
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Nikon D3S Sample Images: Low Light, High Quality


Nikon D3S Sample Photos – When it comes to high speed, low light photography, a camera’s megapixel rating isn’t its most vital statistic.  Modern digital cameras use sensors that respond to light at different speeds and qualities– and this is measured using the ISO setting.  The higher the ISO setting, the more sensitive the camera’s sensor is to light, and the lower the quality of the final image.  Nikon’s new flagship Nikon D3S digital camera was designed to produce unblemished quality in low light and high speed settings– from sports to nature and even at the night club.  They do this by pushing the highest quality possible at high ISO settings.  To show their work in these high-demand settings, Nikon has released these six images showing just what their D3S digital camera can do when the lighting just isn’t on your side…

Unless you’re familiar with the craft of digital photography, these images might not mean a whole lot.  The ISO setting on these images goes as high as 12800 (for the night club shot below), which on your standard point-and-shoot would turn out full of ugly digital noise, to the point that you’d lose the detail in the shot.  The eagle swooping over the lake is moving much too fast to be properly captured without a flash, but it is successfully done here at ISO 640.  The whole point of the Nikon D3S is to provide flexibility to photographers who prefer natural light over a flash, and to not lose quality when capturing such an image.  [hi res images available at]



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