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    Campari Calendar 2010 Featuring Olga Kurylenko
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Campari Calendar 2010 Featuring Olga Kurylenko


Olga Kurylenko’s Campari Calendar 2010 has officially been released, ready for your wall for the coming calendar year.  These calendars have become iconic in their own right, where each year only 9,999 are produced in a limited run to a limited audience.  This year, Campari has tapped none other than Ms. Bond herself, Olga Kurylenko.  We featured the making of the Campari Calendar stills with Kurylenko back in July, and we’re quite thrilled with the turnout.

The shoot features Olga Kurylenko, a damsel desired by men for both her charms– and her Campari.  The series ranges from bright and colorful to dark, almost film-noir-esque, with the constant flush of blood red.  The result is a strong branding statement for Campari bitters, featuring one of the decade’s more premier modeling talents.  Enjoy the shoot below, and don’t miss the making of stills.






Campari Calendar 2010 Gallery