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Sense Sleep Monitor Will Guide You to a Good Night’s Rest

Sense Sleep Monitor – My sleep habits are horrific. Some weeks I’m a complete night owl, more nocturnal than diurnal. Others, I’m lucky to get any sleep at all. I have no illusions about the reason behind this sad state of affairs, either. While my own insomnia certainly plays a role, a great deal of my sleep disturbance is tied to the technology I use.

As much as I love the Internet, it’s awful for my sleep schedule.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that. A lot of people have dealt with insomnia in their lifetime, tech-related or no. In some cases, it can start to feel as though commodities like the Internet have completely taken control of our sleep behavior.

The Sense sleep monitor is a gadget that’s designed to help us take it back.

It consists of two primary devices. The first is a small globe that you can place on a nightstand, bedside table, wardrobe…basically anywhere you’ve got space to put it. The second is a small disc – the “Sleep Pill” – that fits under your pillow. Once you’ve set the Sleep Pill up, it tracks how you sleep, when you sleep and for how long you sleep. All this information is made available to you through the Sense app on your phone, where you can read a review of how well you slept. It’ll also note when disturbances in your sleep cycle happened – for example, waking up to loud music or having to go to the bathroom late at night.

sense sleep monitor - sleep pill

This information is then tabulated and compiled into a Sleep Score. What you do with it is up to you, but it’s assumed that most people will utilize it to improve their habits. I know I’m going to.

The app is also equipped with a Smart Alarm, which will wake you up at a time that coincides with your natural sleep cycle. That way, you’ll spring out of bed refreshed, rather than dragging yourself through your day in a funk. The Sense sleep monitor is currently on Kickstarter, where at the time of writing, it’s already made over three times its initial goal. Go here to contribute.

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