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Style: Rock the Fall Music Festival

Each year, the crisp fall air welcomes a series of outdoor music festivals from New York City to San Francisco. If a big show is on your calendar, it might be time to refresh your cool weather wardrobe and rock the concert right. If you’re heading to Treasure Island 2012 in San Francisco, CMJ 2012 in New York or Voodoo 2012 in New Orleans, this outfit will keep you warm and stylish late into the night. If it heats up during the day, drop the jacket and roll up your sleeves, as these are the events that Autumn was made for. We started with a good, classic pair of jeans, the Levi’s® 520 Extreme Taper™ Jeans. From there, the choice is yours.

  • Levi’s® 520 Extreme Taper™ Jeans
  • Obey Dirty Bastard Leather Motorcycle Jacket – $129
  • Seavees Saddle Oxford – $83
  • Herschel Supply Parker Backpack – $58
  • IVI Decei.v.ing Sunglasses – $137
  • Levi’s® Barstow Western Shirt in Gray Chambray
  • Nixon The Chronicle Watch – $300
  • Marl Beanie Hat – $18
  • Paul Smith Knitted Cotton Socks – $35
  • Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder – $299

Levi’s® 520 Extreme Taper Jeans

When it comes to the fall festival circuit, we suggest you start with something as iconic as the American harvest itself. The Levi’s® 520 Extreme Taper Jeans are the bold basic blues upon which you can build your stylish fall look.

Obey Dirty Bastard Leather Motorcycle Jacket

You don’t need a bike to rock the Obey Dirty Bastard Leather Motorcycle Jacket. The attitude statement a jacket like this makes can give the perfect edge to your look. Given the short window of leather jacket weather in the fall and the spring, we suggest you take advantage while you can.

Seavees Saddle Oxford

Inspired by the pop art era of Andy Warhol and the Saddle Oxfords of the time, the new Seavees Saddle Oxford is an instant classic. Rock it with the right socks and the jeans above, and your look is golden.

Levi’s® Barstow Western Shirt | Gray Chambray

The simple, tight checker and Western-style cuts of the Levi’s® Barstow Western Shirt make for a decidedly masculine centerpiece. We’re partial to the Gray Chambray color, as it appears casual, neutral and classy all at once.

Herschel Supply Parker Backpack

Without the right bag, you’ll have your hands full at the next fall festival. The Herschel Supply Parker Backpack will carry a change of clothes, some toiletries, your camera and an iPad in a small, stylish form factor.

IVI Decei.v.ing Sunglasses

The IVI eyewear brand is new on the scene, but they’ll be here quite a while if they keep rocking frames like this. The IVI Decei.v.ing Sunglasses are a fresh, basic handmade set that’ll protect your eyes while enriching your look.

Nixon “The Chronicle” Watch

Bold, but not brash, the Nixon “The Chronicle” Watch is a military-inspired no-nonsense timepiece. It’s the perfect compliment to this outfit, something that adds without taking away.

Marl Beanie Hat

Only a specific type of guy can rock a beanie hat and make it look stylish (this writer cannot!). If you’re the guy that can, the Marl Beanie Hat in olive will keep you warm while adding to your look.

Paul Smith Knitted Cotton Socks

If you’re knitted on the top, do the same on the bottom. The Paul Smith Knitted Cotton Socks will fit well with the olive color of the hat and slide right into the Seavees shoes like a glove. In the end, it’s details like this that make the difference.

Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder

One great way to enjoy the fall festival concert is to make it a permanent memory. Do so with the Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder, a two-in-one HD video recorder and professional-quality stereo audio recorder. Those twin, matched microphones will capture the concert like nothing you’ve heard before.

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If a fall festival is on your calendar, what else would you bring to complete your look? Feel free to share the accessory or base item you’d bring to your favorite show. Save a seat for us, will ya?