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Oliver Cabell Review (2023): Affordable Minimalist Luxury Designs

Oliver Cabell is a fashion brand making waves for their minimalist designs and luxury products at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Oliver Cabell sets itself apart from other companies because of their commitment to upholding ethical standards without sacrificing quality or affordability.

Review of Oliver Cabell
Oliver Cabell focuses on minimalistic designs with an emphasis on luxury footwear.

The Oliver Cabell brand was founded by Scott Gabrielson as a response to the overpriced luxury products on the market. Gabrielson started his career in nonprofit work but switched to pursue fashion and design. Oliver Cabell came to fruition after Gabrielson took a trip to a factory in Asia where he witnessed overworked women making poverty wages. The experience led Gabrielson to envision Oliver Cabell and a business model that could change the unethical side of fashion. Oliver Cabell works directly with their manufacturers to ensure all levels of their company are operated under ethical standards and a signed code of conduct. The closely monitored production process allows Oliver Cabell to release highly sought-after luxury products at a lower price than their competitors.

Oliver Cabell offers a wide variety of sneakers, boots, loafers, and flats. For example, the fashion brand is known for its minimalistic white low-profile Low 1 sneakers. Beyond the luxury brand’s fashionable footwear, they produce everyday wear classics like sweatpants, sweatshirts, and tees. For example, the Curved Hem Tee from Oliver Cabell is the plain T-shirt you need to round out your wardrobe. Furthermore, Oliver Cabell makes accessories that range from jewelry to wallets to shoe maintenance kits. Oliver Caebell has you covered from head to toe with high-quality classic designs that will withstand the test of time.

Below, we break down the Oliver Cabell brand and give our first-hand review of the company. We’ll compare Oliver Cabell to their top competitors, answer frequently asked questions about the company, and give you our definitive opinion on how good of a fashion brand Oliver Cabell is.

What is Oliver Cabell?

Minimalist designs by Oliver Cabell
Oliver Cabell delivers fashion that’s ethical, versatile, and minimalistic for everyday wear.

Oliver Cabell is a fashion brand specializing in affordable minimalist designs. Scott Gabrielson founded the Oliver Cabell brand after deciding to focus his career on his appreciation for elegant fashion and design. Gabrielson wants his company to represent a change within the luxury fashion industry. For example, Oliver Cabell works directly with their manufacturers to cut costs and alleviate the strain on their customers’ pockets. Oliver Cabell’s signature minimalist style is sought after by sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts across the world. The Oliver Cabell name has amassed a reputation for having versatile and stylish shoes, and as the brand grows in popularity, so do the inventory and products they offer. Oliver Cabell is turning the luxury fashion industry upside down by focusing on ethical consumption, close manufacturer relationships, and chic styles that will elevate your wardrobe.

What is the mission of Oliver Cabell?

Oliver Cabell’s mission is to ethically manufacture timeless footwear, clothing, and fashion accessories at an affordable price. The founder of Oliver Cabell, Scott Gabrielson, chose to pursue his passion for design and appreciation for footwear. Gabrielson was originally in the non-profit sector and brought his morals and ideals to the forefront of his fashion brand. Oliver Cabell requests that all factories, contractors, and suppliers follow their code of conduct. The Oliver Cabell Code of Conduct highlights the following five policies as part of its core mission.

  • Environmental responsibility: Environmental responsibility is a mandate that requires Oliver Cabell vendors to have set strategies and regulations to reduce the environmental impacts of their production. The luxury shoe brand believes that its mission is to hold its company and the companies they work for accountable for the effect its production processes have on the environment.
  • Fair wages and benefits: Fair wages and benefits are a requirement to partner with Oliver Cabell. The fashion brand is working hard to change the scope of luxury fashion by guaranteeing their employees at every level are paid fairly and receive adequate benefits.
  • Collective bargaining: Oliver Cabell’s Code of Conduct mandates that their associates have the right to unionize and collectively bargain for their workers’ rights without retaliation.
  • Safe onsite living conditions: Oliver Cabell requires that their vendors provide safe living conditions for any facility that offers dormitories. The Code of Conduct states that all living conditions meet local legal requirements and provide proper ventilation, beds, windows, heating, and conditioning.
  • Child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking: The Oliver Cabell brand is committed to ethical consumption and requires its associate suppliers and manufacturers to abstain from using child labor, forced labor, or human trafficking. The luxury fashion brand chooses to cut costs elsewhere in the production process to guarantee its workers maintain free will.

Oliver Cabell uses its vendor requirements to guarantee the safety of employees and the preservation of the environment. The designer brand alleviates the costs of production by working directly with its artisans and farmers, resulting in clothing that’s affordable and ethical.

Is Oliver Cabell considered a luxury brand?

Yes, Oliver Cabell is considered a luxury brand. The Oliver Cabell brand sets itself apart from other luxury clothing brands because of its price point. Oliver Cabell cuts out the middleman in their manufacturing process to deliver durable and stylish shoes, clothing, and accessory designs for a fraction of the price of their competitors. The resulting products are sophisticated with enough edginess to effortlessly style with professional or casual attire. Oliver Cabell uses high-quality leather in combination with Margom outsoles to ensure their products look as good as they feel.

Where is Oliver Cabell made?

Oliver Cabell is made in three locations across Italy and Spain. Firstly, the Margom outsoles that Oliver Cabell uses come from the Marche region of Italy. The Marche region of Italy is famous for footwear and leather goods, which made it the ideal location for Oliver Cabell to manufacture their products. Secondly, Oliver Cabell’s leather tanneries are located in Vicenza, Italy. The factory in Vicenza that Oliver Cabell works with shares their values of ethical farming and small business practices. Moreover, the leather produced in Vicenza is a premium full-grain. Thirdly, Oliver Cabell’s boots are stitched and last in Albacete, Spain. The process of lasting involves forming the leather into the proper foot shape and is vital to the manufacturing process.

What products does Oliver Cabell make?

Oliver Cabell makes products ranging from shoes, clothing, and fashion accessories. The Oliver Cabell brand began its fashion journey with the intention of designing classic minimalist sneakers without a hefty price tag. Oliver Cabell has broadened their scope and now makes tees, sweatshirts, jewelry, and more. Below, we examine the three categories of fashion products that Oliver Cabell makes.


Oliver Cabell shoes are luxurious, minimalist, and made with high-quality craftsmanship and materials. The Oliver Cabell brand launched by introducing the Low 1 sneaker to compete with the minimalist sneakers on the market. Oliver Cabell’s Low 1s are the brand’s signature sneaker silhouette and the most iconic of their offerings. The best alternative to Oliver Cabell’s handcrafted calfskin leather Low 1 sneakers is the Vegan 481. Oliver Cabell’s Vegan 481s are chunky retro-inspired, minimalist sneakers that pair nicely with chinos or khaki shorts. Additionally, Oliver Cabell makes loafers, boots, and flats for women and men.


Oliver Cabell brand clothing is timeless, fits true to size, and has a minimalist aesthetic. The luxury fashion brand focuses on conventional clothing items that elevate your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Oliver Cabell offers everyday wear staples such as tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants while focusing on quality, style, and comfort. For example, the Oliver Cabell Aspen Sweatpant comes in four different colors and features stretch panels reminiscent of motorcycle pants. Additionally, the Aspen Sweatpant is made of 100% cotton and 13oz French Terry fabric, making them a durable and comfortable choice.


Oliver Cabell accessories are timeless, elegant, affordable, and durable. The accessories that Oliver Cabell offers range from jewelry, shoe care products, wallets, and more. Oliver Cabell jewelry is ethically sourced and plated with 18k gold through their proprietary gold plating process. The resulting jewelry is stylish, versatile, and will last longer than other jewelry in the same price range because of the care and concern Oliver Cabell puts into the production and supply line. Oliver Cabell’s shoe care accessories lengthen the life of their shoes and boots. The fashion brand offers shoe trees, brushes, quick wipes, whiteners, cleaners, and repel sprays. Oliver Cabell has you and your money covered with their fashionable wallet selection. The minimalist wallet design is classy, thin, and perfect for everyday carry.

Firsthand review of Oliver Cabell

Our firsthand review of Oliver Cabell covers ‌durability, sizing, fit, materials, and comfort. We tested out the famous Low 1 Sneaker and the Curved Hem Tee from Oliver Cabell and the items showcase the minimalism and tastefulness that’s promised by the brand. However, the clean silhouette of the Low 1 begs for the shoe to be paired with smart casual staples such as the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem tee, slacks, and a classic bomber jacket. Below, we give our review of the Low 1 Sneaker and the Curved Hem Tee from Oliver Cabell.

Low 1 Sneaker

Minimalist footwear by Oliver Cabell
The white Low 1 Sneakers by Oliver Cabell feature a minimalist style that elevates everyday and professional styles.

The Low 1 Sneaker from Oliver Cabell is the brand’s signature white minimalist sneaker. We got our hands on a pair of the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell Low 1 sneakers and the brand’s allure was present from the start. The Uncrate x Oliver Cabell collab is a black and white variation of the Low 1 in classic Italian leather. Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 shoe pairs nicely with a wide range of wardrobe options, from casual to professional looks. Pairing the Low 1s with professional attire requires upkeep to maintain the shoe’s clean appearance. However, Low 1s blemishes are meant to be embraced and the company offers distressed versions of their most popular shoe, such as the Belmont. Additionally, Oliver Cabell shoes don’t come in half sizes and require downsizing to find a comfortable fit. Oliver Cabell Low 1s are durable and need to be broken in to reach maximum comfort. The Low 1 is redefining minimalism because, despite the concerns over sizing and wear and tear, you’ll be sure to make an impression with a visually stunning pair of sneakers.

Curved Hem Tee

Staple t-shirts by Oliver Cabell
The Curved Hem Tee is a luxury white T-shirt staple that’s easy to style.

The Curved Hem Tee from Oliver Cabell is a classic T-shirt that exudes taste and versatility. We tried out the Oliver Cabell Curved Hem Tee and are happy with the fit, and flexible style options. Having stylish everyday items like the Curved Hem Tee is necessary to maintain a versatile style because you can mix and match your shirt with many options. The Curved Hem Tee comes in white, charcoal, black, and navy. The Curved Hem Tee in white looks great as a plain tee or paired with a casual hoodie or distinguished blazer. Oliver Cabell’s Curved Hem Tee is stylish but requires proper care to guarantee longevity. For example, the Curved Hem Tee arrives with wrinkles from the shipping process and needs to be properly washed in cold water and ironed to maintain a sleek look. Additionally, the T-shirt needs to be washed on a gentle cycle to reduce wear around the seams from a heavy wash cycle. The Curved Hem Tee by Oliver Cabell is an affordable luxury wardrobe staple and a good choice for anyone looking for a comfortable simple style.

How does Oliver Cabell compare to its competitors?

Oliver Cabell is a classy and reasonably priced luxury fashion company compared to its competitors. Oliver Cabell separates itself from the competition because of its overall vision and transparency. The luxury fashion company wants to alter the design space and the attitudes toward consumerism from the inside out. For example, Oliver Cabell stands out among their competitors because of an extensive ethical code of conduct and commitment to the integrity of employees and the brand name.

The following five brands are the main competitors of Oliver Cabell.

  • Koio: Koio is a top Oliver Cabell competitor that specializes in handcrafted leather sneakers, but their price point doesn’t compare to Oliver Cabell.
  • Common Projects: Common Projects are known for selling minimalist white sneakers at a higher markup than Oliver Cabell. Oliver Cabell further separates itself from Common Projects because Common Projects doesn’t provide explicit details about the leather used.
  • Golden Goose: Golden Goose is a luxury sneaker brand that offers a chunkier sole than the Oliver Cabell Low 1, but the clean silhouette remains. Oliver Cabell is a more affordable option compared to the Golden Goose Purestar white sneaker.
  • Beckett Simonon: Beckett Simonon produces timeless minimalist sneakers that rival Oliver Cabell, but their operations do not ship internationally.
  • Axel Arigato: Axel Arigato shares Oliver Cabell’s vision to leave as small of an environmental footprint as possible. Despite their similar ethical concerns, Oliver Cabell’s signature Low 1 beats Axel Arigato Clean 90’s price.

What are the pros and cons of Oliver Cabell as a brand?

The following table outlines the pros and cons of Oliver Cabell as a brand.

Oliver Cabell review: PROs and CONs
Affordable: Oliver Cabell takes pride in the company’s efforts to keep their prices low. The minimalist fashion brand works directly with its manufacturing and client base guaranteeing low prices on its luxury items. Non-specific shipping times: Oliver Cabell ships all across the world, but the company is at risk of shipping delays due to its small-scale operation.
Stylish: Oliver Cabell brand products are as stylish as they are affordable. For example, the timeless silhouette of the Low 1 show by Oliver Cabell is suitable for casual attire and more professional looks. Superficial wear and tear over time: Oliver Cabell brand products are handmade with high-quality materials, but the company wanted to embrace the look of well-worn shoes. While superficial scuffing or frayed stitching is stylish to some, the intentional breakdown of a product may cause some customers to rethink their purpose.
Ethical manufacturing practices: The Oliver Cabell brand believes in ethical manufacturing and has extensive practices and policies laid out for any manufacturing factory they work with. For example, the Oliver Cabell brand prohibits child labor at any level or area within a workplace that partners with the fashion brand. Has no direct line of communication with customer service: Oliver Cabell is a small company and doesn’t currently have a direct line for customer service. The fashion brand’s homepage has a chat box and email form to fill out for customers who need to contact customer service.
High-quality materials: Oliver Cabell uses high-quality materials so your purchases can stand the test of time. For example, Oliver Cabell uses Italian leather sourced from Marche, Italy. The shoes aren’t suitable for wide feet: Oliver Cabell designs their shoes to be narrow, which makes wearing them uncomfortable for people with wide feet.

Oliver Cabell FAQs

Below are six frequently asked questions about Oliver Cabell.

Was Oliver Cabell a real person?

No, Oliver Cabell was not a real person. Oliver Cabell is a name created by the company’s founder, Scott Gabrielson. Scott Gabrielson was inspired by the rough-and-tumble Hollywood stars, Steve McQueen and Oliver Reed. The name Oliver Cabell comes from Steve McQueen’s character Matin Cabell in the film, Never Love a Stranger, and Oliver Reed’s staring role in the film Oliver! Gabrielson read a story about McQueen and Reed having a wild night in pubs across London and chose to combine their individual legacies to represent the Oliver Cabell brand.

Does Oliver Cabell use real gold?

Yes, Oliver Cabell uses real 18k gold. Oliver Cabell’s jewelry is manufactured with high-quality 18k gold plating that is between 3-5% more gold than other types of gold plating. The real 18k gold plating Oliver Cabell uses has three notable benefits. Firstly, 18k gold plating is stronger than other gold plating options, such as 25k, and leads to more durable jewelry. Oliver Cabell uses a proprietary technique to bind their chosen metal to the 18k gold plating. The result is incredibly durable and inexpensive jewelry. Secondly, Oliver Cabell’s gold jewelry is hypoallergenic and won’t leave a green stain on your skin. Using real gold means that Oliver Cabell customers rest easy knowing they won’t have an adverse reaction to their new accessories. Thirdly, the gold Oliver Cabell uses is water-resistant and heat-resistant. Oliver Cabell accessories are easy to care for and will withstand exposure to water and high temperatures.

Where do you buy Oliver Cabell?

You can buy Oliver Cabell products online, at retail storefronts, or on resale clothing platforms. Oliver Cabell products are available through their website without the hassle of stopping by a physical store. Buying Oliver Cabell shoes, clothing, and accessories directly through the company lets customers have an in-depth look into the pricing breakdown, materials, and manufacturing process. Meanwhile, Oliver Cabell has two separate physical storefronts. The first official Oliver Cabell store is located in SoHo, New York, and the second store is located in Canoga Park, Los Angeles. Finally, you can buy Oliver Cabell through secondhand resale companies. Luxury footwear and fashion brands like Oliver Cabell are frequently being sold on websites such as eBay, Depop, and Poshmark.

How long does Oliver Cabell take to ship?

The length of time it takes for Oliver Cabell products to ship varies depending on the region and chosen shipping rate. Oliver Cabell orders take approximately 3 days to process prior to the shipment date. Oliver Cabell ships both domestically and internationally. However, international orders through Oliver Cabell are sent via DHL or FedEx International Express and are subject to shipping regulations depending on the specific localities.

Does Oliver Cabell accept returns?

Yes, Oliver Cabell accepts returns. Oliver Cabell accepts returns and exchanges on unworn and undamaged products. The items need to be in their original packaging and sent back to the company in re-sellable condition. Additionally, Oliver Cabell customer returns must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the order. Once the return is processed, the item needs to be shipped within 7 days of the request. Returns are processed through Oliver Cabell customer service and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. International orders are issued, store credit for their original returns, and standard domestic shipments are charged a $20 handling and restocking fee. Refunds and exchanges take 10-15 business days and the refund will be processed in 2-10 business days.

Does Oliver Cabell ever give discount codes?

Yes, Oliver Cabell gives discount codes. Oliver Cabell features discount codes in their newsletter and through brand ambassadors and affiliates. Customers have a chance to sign up for the Oliver Cabell newsletter and discounts through a pop-up on the company’s website and ‌during the checkout process. Oliver Cabell discount codes range from a small percentage to saving monetary sums as high as $50 off ‌a purchase.

Conclusion: Is Oliver Cabell a good brand?

Yes, Oliver Cabell is a good brand because of their commitment to crafting high-quality clothes and accessories, ethical consumption, and customer satisfaction. The Oliver Cabell company is proud of the products they offer customers and stands by the products’ quality and craftsmanship. The luxury company’s decision to work directly with vendors has created a working partnership that values the employees, environment, and customers equally. Oliver Cabell is a good brand for people who want to adopt an elegant business-casual wardrobe without a high price tag. Oliver Cabell is a small company that diligently works to assess customer needs and concerns. Although the Oliver Cabell brand is a popular name among luxury shoe enthusiasts, ‌their operation is small which can lead to issues with shipping, returns, and exchanges. However, the Oliver Cabell company is committed to improving customer experience and encourages customer feedback.