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    Sydney Dust Storm 2009: Mars on Earth
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Sydney Dust Storm 2009: Mars on Earth


Sydney Dust Storm 2009 – This morning, Sydney, Australia was overtaken by it’s worst dust storm in years, overtaking the city’s monuments and sinking deep within its buildings and underground railroad.  The dust produced an alien orange hue to the sky, reminiscent of the skies of Mars.  The storm drove photographers into the streets to capture the once-in-a-lifetime event, when the largest city in Australia was overcome by a palpable dust that blotted out the sun.


While the dust was so thick it could be seen from outer space, it was seen firsthand by Sydney’s citizens.  Amateur and professional photographers alike have shared their vision with the internet since the phenomenon began, on flickr, twitter and otherwise.  See some of the best in the gallery below, or hit up the Dust Over Sydney blog for more…


Sydney Dust Storm Gallery