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    Talking Men’s Style: How to Wear Khakis Right
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Talking Men’s Style: How to Wear Khakis Right

For many of us, khaki pants are not always at eye level in our wardrobes. They’re a step between dress pants and jeans, a gray area between business and pleasure. Yet khakis are an important part of the modern man’s wardrobe, an item that can make an edgy outfit look refined and business wear look relaxed. With the warmest months of the year behind us, it’s time to explore how khaki can complete the look when you dress for work or play.

Casual Khaki: a Night Out on the Town

A nice, gray pair of khaki pants has a lot of wardrobe versatility. Their color neutrality fits well with blacks, whites and other grays, but works just as well with the colored clothing staples you keep in your closet. We opted for a grayscale theme for this casual outfit, with the exception of the soft blues and greens in the button-down shirt. If you’re planning a night out with friends, a date with your better half or a casual dinner party, an outfit like this fits like a glove. It’s the khaki pants that give the outfit its versatility. Swap them for a pair of jeans and you might think twice about rocking this at a dinner party… As is, the outfit just works!

  • Life Khaki Relaxed Fit Chino – $65.00 at JC Penney
  • Supra Skytop Black Waxed Twill Sneakers – $100.00 at Zappos 
  • H&M Woven Plaid Shirt – $39.95 at H&M
  • 21Men Leatherette Jacket – $49.95 at Forever21
  • Paneled Driver Hat – $24.95 at Gap

Casual Khaki Outfit Gallery

Classy Khaki: a Day at the Office

If your workplace is on the traditional side when it comes to attire, it’s hard to own too much khaki. Fortunately, traditional tan khaki is easy to accessorize in a manner that makes you stand out amongst your colleagues. Many different solid-color dress shirts will work well with a color-neutral cardigan, and a gray or black fedora and scarf will raise the stakes a bit. With an outfit like this, the 60-year-old executive and the 22-year-old fox in accounting will both think you look sharp.

  • Life Khaki Straight Fit Trouser – $65.00 at JC Penney
  • Van Heusen Lux Sateen Dress Shirt – $24.99 at JC Penney
  • Black Dress Shoes
  • Gray Fedora
  • Black Scarf
  • White and Gray Striped Cardigan – $29.99 at H&M

Classy Khaki Outfit Gallery

Photography and Styling – Rachel Schroeder