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    The Berg: World’s Largest Man Made Mountain
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The Berg: World’s Largest Man Made Mountain


German architect Jakob Tigges has envisioned a bold new landmark on the Berlin skyline.  His dream work is a 1,000 meter tall man-made mountain called “The Berg”, which he hopes will be a tourist destination the likes of which Berlin has never seen.  The goal is to create a natural habitat for local wildlife, even some that aren’t natural to the area, as well as a recreation/skiing spot for those visiting the city.  It would take place of the now defunct Tempelhof Airport, a space whose function is currently up for discussion.  Surprisingly, there is a movement behind The Berg in Berlin, and people are pushing to get it approved and financed.

Our opinion?  This is crazy, and won’t ever see the light of day.  We at least hope not, as this colossal undertaking appears to carry more risk and waste than benefit. [the berg via inhabitat]




  1. I want something like this in miami. Please build it immediately I love hiking and we have nothing. We can transform a landfill with trash like they did in virgins beach with mt trashmore but on a grander scale… but make it higher and higher this is amazing!!!

  2. I would propose as The Holy Shiekh King Jared Dean Jay of Iraq, Portugal, and Guam. To make a mountain in Iraq at 4000 ft with 1000 acres of flattop rounded down with 3• pitch. Thin air and temperature relief main idea for whatever culture assumes the land here after.

  3. Jakob come to America. Build a mountain range from the Rockies to the Mississippi River. Use the ocean trash and rest of the world refuge for fill material. Charge for the collection to finance the build. Incorporate giant wind catches and turbines into the build.