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The Lexus LFA: a Genuine Japanese Supercar


Toyota is making a big splash at the Tokyo Motor Show.  They’ve revealed their own true supercar, the Lexus LFA Roadster, to an adoring critical acclaim.  The Lexus LFA Roadster is bold in both style and performance, with an aggressive exterior true to the Lexus brand.  The LFA is powered by a 553 horsepower 4.8L V-10 engine capable of attacking 62MPH in 3.7 seconds.  That engine puts the Lexus LFA in supercar territory with a top speed of 201.94MPH, faster than anything else in its fleet.  500 of the Lexus LFA will be produced, with a price yet to come.  We started saving our pennies the second we saw this lovely beast… [thanks jalopnik]




Lexus LFA Roadster Gallery

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