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    This Slick, Gravity-Defying Record Player Will Have You Rearranging Your Living Room
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This Slick, Gravity-Defying Record Player Will Have You Rearranging Your Living Room

You’re going to want to dust off your vinyl collection. There’s a sweet new turntable on Kickstarter from the people that brought you the Gramovox bluetooth gramophone. Like the gramophone that came before it, the Gramovox Floating Record player is designed to be a functional decoration. It’ll play your favorite records in stereo HiFi, but it doubles as a conversation piece — and boy does it look good doing it.

The Gramovox Floating Record Player turns a traditional record player on its head. The turntable element is placed vertically, spinning your records at a 90-degree angle to every other record player on the market. Records are placed onto the turntable and secured vertically, then the rest is as you’d expect. An Audio-Technica needle drops (well, technically it “connects”) into the groove and plays back your records with the built-in speakers or an external audio system.

The creator of the Floating Record, Chicago-based Gramovox, considers themselves an audio design company. Design is central to everything they’ve created so far. Both the Gramovox bluetooth gramophone and the new Floating Record Player are crafted with impeccable style. The Floating Record’s base is built with American dark walnut and maple woods, and the rest of the components are simple and stylish. The vertical nature of this record player isn’t enough to make it cool alone. So Gramovox crafted something truly stunning around the concept. It’s the type of record player you want to place in the center of the room, not in the corner where it isn’t seen.

The Gramovox Flying Record Player has shattered its Kickstarter goals and has a lot more time left on the clock. As of writing, the Flying Record has surpassed $230,000 in crowd-funding, much higher than their $50k goal. When it’s produced, it should sell for around $350. Since the early contributor options have been filled, $349 is the price you’ll pay on Kickstarter to reserve one of yours now.

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