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The New MacBook Air

New Macbook Air 2

Apple has hit the refresh button on the MacBook Air line of light-as-a-feather laptops.  The new MacBook Air line features the latest Intel Haswell processors, an extended 12-hour battery option and up to 256GB of internal flash storage.  The physical design hasn’t changed much, but as they say– if it ain’t broke…

The updated MacBook Air is available now in 11-inch and 13-inch iterations.  They’ll be powered by Haswell-class Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, and they are slated to squeeze 40% more graphics performance with the available Intel HD Graphics 5000.  The aformentioned flash storage, available in either 128GB or 256GB, have increased speeds up to 45% faster than past models.  In total, it’s a subtle update, and it looks like Apple has left most of the ground-breaking to come with the new Mac Pro systems.

New Macbook Air 1

New Macbook Air 6

New Macbook Air 3

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