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    15 Best Single-Speed Bikes for Riding Anywhere
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15 Best Single-Speed Bikes for Riding Anywhere

Looking for a new whip that’ll let you send it on the track and in the streets? Check out our list of the top 10 best single-speed bikes. 

Single Speed Bikes          

We review a variety of fixies and single-speed bikes for any price point, though we stop short of diving headlong into the world of custom builds. These are all available as of 2021.

The 10 Best Single-Speed Bikes

Because this simple steed has so few parts, it’s tough to tell a good one from a bad, making the proof all about experience. Since you can’t try them all, we saved you some time and tracked down the 10 absolute best single-speed bikes.

1. 6KU Fixie

6KU Fixie Best Budget Single Speed Bikes

A bare-bones, entry level fixie that can grow with you. Its budget-friendly price point and sturdy steel frame let you put the extra cash towards tinkering and upgrading the 6KU Fixie. Or, you can just enjoy it out of the box as a serviceable commuter that won’t let you down.

2. Golden Cycles Fixie

Golden Cycles Fixie Single Speed Bikes

Another steel framed, entry-level fixie, Golden Cycles offers a lot of bike for not a ton of money. These feature clean lines, surprisingly solid BMX pedals, an array of cool colors, and an overall lightweight package. The paint job doesn’t have the finish of higher-end bikes, but it’ll more than do for getting you from point A to B.

3. 2022 Mercier Kilo TT

Mercier Kilo TT Single Speed Bikes

One of the most hyped fixed-gear bikes on the Internet, and for good reason. The Kilo TT serves as an entry point for folks who are more seriously interested in fixies as a hobby and way of life. You’ll be happy with the stock components, which you can ride into the ground while you figure out what your upgrade priorities are. Snag yours while you can, they tend to go fast.

4. State Bicycle Co Bernard Fixed Gear Bike

State Bicycle Co Bernard Single Speed Bikes

Representing a meaningful step up in quality (and price) is the Bernard from State Bicycle Co. Popular with commuters, this model’s 4130 Chromoly frame offers rigidity similar to steel but without the extra weight. Welds are clean and solid, but you might eventually want to upgrade the brakes to match the overall smooth riding experience typical of State Bicycle Co.

5. Aventon Cordoba

Aventon Cordoba Single Speed Bikes

We almost feel bad recommending the Aventon Cordoba, because it’s almost never in stock. Nevertheless, it deserves a spot on your radar for its tapered head tube, flip-flop hub, carbon bladed fork, and 6061 alloy frame. The Cordoba ships with a drop bar and front brake, but you can remove the latter for a purer fixie experience. 

6. All-City Cycles Thunderdome

All City Cycles Single Speed Bikes

The Thunderdome racing bike eats pavement for breakfast. Emblematic of modern craftsmanship in bike building, All-City mates a super lightweight Whisky No.7 RD Tapered carbon fork to a classic round-tube Alumisonic frame. It’s classy on the eyes, but mean on the streets when you’re laying down the power. Exceptional paint and polish makes you stand out in the velodrome.

7. Specialized Langster

Specialized Langster Single Speed Bikes

Occupying the high-mid tier in terms of price, the Specialized Langster is one of the best steps up into the world of premium and custom fixies. Super stiff Axis Sport Track wheels, a FACT carbon fork, and a top-tier aluminum frame offer incredible handling and speed. Its geometry is built for the track, but the Langster isn’t so aggressively styled as to look out of place hitting up your local coffee joint on the daily.

8. Shinola Detroit Arrow

Shinola Detroit Arrow Single Speed Bikes

Shinola is trying to singlehandedly bring jobs back to Detroit by making some of the most astounding products around. The Detroit Arrow is their first foray into the single-speed bike game, and it’s glorious. The steel frame is TrueTemper design and TIG welded by hand, allowing for extremely comfortable upright riding, wonderful handling, and looks good enough to mount.

9. Wabi Classic

Wabi Classic Single Speed Bikes

Classic, classy; that’s the Wabi Classic road bike in a nutshell. But don’t let its genteel aesthetics fool you into thinking this is anything other than a performer. Sporting a short wheelbase and super light Chromoly frame with durable TIG welded joints, you’ll be whipping in and around city hazards like a stiff breeze. 

10. Larry vs Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike

Larry vs Harry Bullitt Single Speed Cargo Bikes

From Denmark comes a single-speed that is part legend, part contemporary engineering. Capable of moving quickly and toting loads up to a couple hundred pounds, the Bullitt cargo bike is the green choice for those who do their Costco shopping on two wheels. Kudos to Copenhageners, Larry and Harry Bullit for designing this piece of art. And by the way, for those wondering, the whole idea stands on the design principles of the classic Danish Long John.

Single-Speed vs. Fixie Bikes

But, before selecting the right mount for you, it’s helpful to note the difference between fixed gear (fixie) and single-speed bikes. They’re easily confused, partly because they look nearly identical, and partly because fixies often have flip-flop hubs that allow them to also be single-speed bikes.

A true single speed has the ability to coast down a hill, allowing the wheels to turn without the pedals moving.

On a fixed gear, this is impossible. What a single-speed offers is a single gear to pedal ratio with no ability to shift. They’re widely prized for their simplicity in design, low cost, and light weight.

Who Should Use a Single-Speed Bike?

Enjoyed by urban commuters and riders who want an easy bike for fun, simple, casual riding, there’s actually a single speed for almost anyone, including mountain and fat bikers. Beach cruiser bikes are also traditionally single-speed, since they are intended for lazy days on the boardwalk. The truth is that anyone can enjoy this style of cycle, so long as they get the proper model.

Best Single-Speed Bikes Review – Conclusion

At this point, we’ve run the gamut of today’s best single speed bikes across a variety of price points and usages. Whether you’re tearing up the track, riding nimble through the city streets, or crushing your daily commute, there’s a fixie or single speed bike that’s right for you. 

Do you have any recommendations to add to our list of the best single speed bikes? Or, disagree with any of our choices? Let us know in a comment below.

  1. These bikes are the types of single speed bikes I’d choose for going anywhere. BMX styles, and certain Cruisers, should be considered, imo.

  2. Most of the bikes on your list are trash! I am not trying to be critical in any way but when present brands who manufacture bikes with cheap parts prone to failure and who lack customer support, I have trouble trusting ANYTHING you’d recommend. To anyone reading this comment and looking for information to help you purchase a quality bicycle I say “steer clear of this list.”

  3. LHQ SingleSpeed Road Bicycles – LifestyleHQ.US – Original SingleSpeed Design Developed in NYC – LHQ Bicycle Components OEM Manufacturing & Distribution – LHQ SS Design Based on NYC Single Speed Conversions by Andrew Rufe