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    Focale 44 Bikes: Fierce French Fixies
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Focale 44 Bikes: Fierce French Fixies


Proving that the fixed gear trend is most certainly international, French firm Focale 44 has released press images of their new bikes.  These fixed gear bikes feature the stripped-down amenities that fixie fans adore– basic colors (or lack thereof), simple handlebars and, of course, no brakes.  The Focale 44 fixies come in two iterations, the first being a classic track brike layout with curved handle bars, the second being a street-minded commuter with a straight handle bar and a grenade green paint job.  We much prefer the track version, those white walls and white handles are screaming our name.  If you’re reading from France, chances are you’ll be able to get your hands on one of these puppies prior to any U.S. shipments.  Wear a helmet! [via porhomme, images via justinfox]



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