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    Urwerk UR-105M Watch
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Urwerk UR-105M Watch

Like a suit of armor for your wrist, this new timepiece by Urwerk is strong, bold and beautiful in both design and construction.  The Urwerk UR-105M Watch is inspired by the craft of steel plate armor, the kind knights would have worn into battle many centuries ago.  It is built tough, with a steel and titanium body that shields the precision mechanics under-the-hood.  In the category of masculine modern watches, there are few as bold and as strong as this new Urwerk.

The movement of the Urwerk UR-105M Watch comprises four forged-aluminum satellites that “orbit” under the clear case on a sixty minute path.  The exposed numeral on the bottom shows the hour as it moves along a minute marker  On the sides, a second display and a power reserve indicator add the full set of standard watch information, presenting a complete, accurate look at the current moment and the state of the watch.  Urwerk’s mechanics are designed with absolute precision, so that over time, variance of measurement is kept to a minimum.

The new Urwerk UR-105M Watch will be available in very limited numbers later this year, and you’ll want to contact Urwerk directly for more information.  For a rare and exquisite timepiece like this, you can expect to pay more than you would at a car dealership for something sporty.  It’s the name of the game for luxury watches like these, and the rights to own a metal work of art like this one are reserved for career peaks and disposable incomes.

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