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    3D-Milled Ice Cubes for Artful Whisky Cocktails
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3D-Milled Ice Cubes for Artful Whisky Cocktails

When it comes to slow-sipping fine, craft whisky, rocks is an important part of the equation.  Suntory, the Japanese whisky distiller, isn’t content to leave the artistry to the distillation process alone.  Today, they’ve brought a little creativity to how they form ice cubes for their on-the-rocks cocktails.  Using a 3D-milling process, which subtractively constructs objects by carving into a block of ice, they have created detailed glass-sized ice sculptures around which a sipper can pour their favorite beverage.  The whisky alone isn’t the art any longer, now ice cube art is a part of the process.

This partnership with Japanese ad agency TBWA\Hakuhodo has yielded a series of 3D-milled ice cube art ranging from the Statue of Liberty to the Space Shuttle and a range of subjects in between.  Each cube is machined out of a block of ice into these fine, sculptural forms.  Then, whisky is slow-poured over the cubes to be enjoyed sip-by-sip like every self-respecting whisky drinker does.  Art like this makes me thirsty juts looking at it.

I might prefer to put an “e” in my whisky– I’m partial to the Irish stuff.  Creative concepts like this, however, will certainly entice me to try a little Suntory in my next glass.  Kudos, Suntory, and bravo, TBWA\Hakuhodo.

Suntory 3D on the Rocks - Shark

Suntory 3D on the Rocks - Space Shuttle

Suntory 3D on the Rocks - Horse

Suntory 3D-Milled Ice Cubes