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VUHL 05 Performance Car

VUHL 05 Performance Car 1

A Mexican motorsports group has revealed a new vehicle built for those who love to drive, the VUHL 05 street-legal racecar.  This lightweight, high-performance driving machine carries a driver and a passenger to break-neck speeds with curve-hugging handling.  The VUHL 05 is powered by a Ford 2.0 ECO Boost turbocharged engine, a go-to powerhouse for rally-class racing.  It provides a responsive, 285 horsepower heartbeat that will push this lightweight racer to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds.  Light as a feather, fast as lightning could be VUHL’s motto, as they make the most of a mid-sized, efficient engine by pairing it with a low 1532-pound curb weight.

We love it for the smart, efficient powertrain, but also the design.  This open-cockpit two-seater is as contemporary as it gets, an aggressive-looking beast that will intimidate anyone else on the open road.  It’s street-legal in the US, but it’s built with the track in mind.  Drivers who want to carve up some pavement in either area will be well taken care of behind the wheel of the VUHL 05. [via coolmaterial]

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