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    7 Best Waterproof Socks That Feel Wonderful (2023 Edition)
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7 Best Waterproof Socks That Feel Wonderful (2023 Edition)

Nothing stinks worse than wet socks. Literally and figuratively. Waiting for the weather to perfect itself for your outdoor adventures is not always an option, and never the preference. You can shed the rain like water off a duck’s back with the right jacket, but if that rain drizzles down your leg and pools in your shoe, you haven’t successfully defeated the wrath of mother nature at all.

Best Waterproof Socks You Could Pick

To take full advantage of an active lifestyle that sustains in any season, you can’t do without a pair, or four, of high quality waterproof socks. After the first time you splash through a puddle and can keep on running without losing the feeling in your toes, you’ll never go back to regular socks again.

1. Wigwam Pro Socks

With a stylish flare and superior moisture control, the Wigwam Pro Sock is perfect for a rainy day hike or a round of drizzly golf. With charming styles available for men, women and children, the whole family can get out and enjoy the weather together without fear of cold, damp feet.

Wigwam Pro Socks are constructed of stretchable Nylon, moisture reducing Tencel, and cozy Marino wool. Lightweight with a seamless toe, they are easy on your feet and help reduce unpleasant odors. Friendly toward washing machines and electric dryers, these socks are great for the hectic life. Perfect for light dampness and near home adventures. 

Purchase: $20

2. Hydroskin Wet Socks

Billed as the Kayaking Sock, this pedestrian wet suit is ideal for water sports of all kinds. Thoroughly insulated with ThermalPlus cropped-fleece lining and TiCoat insulation, your feet will be warm in any weather. On the outside, four way stretch Powerspan gives you ultra mobility, while an antimicrobial treatment throughout fights odors.

This is the footwear you want in your kit when you canoe alone down the Yukon River. It is thin and flexible, and moisture wicking to the Nth degree. Get yourself a couple of pairs and head out into the white water, confident that you will be warm and comfortable until your adventure is done. For water sporting maniacs or crab boat crews, this sock is the perfect match. 

Purchase: $30

3. Mudgear Trail Running Socks

When your off-roading adventure does not include an engine, or even tires, your footwear holds paramount importance. You need a good pair of shoes and a lining that will cradle your calloused soles like they were fine china. You need a trail sock like no other, and Mudgear rises to the challenge.

Mudgear’s high quarter ankle grips to shield you from puddles and pebbles, yet avoids compressing your ankle or restricting blood flow. A cushioned foot bed eases your way without forming a spongy layer that soaks up and retains moisture. The lower arch and upper foot areas are ventilated to aid with drainage and airflow. Intended for trail athletes, this sock has gained popularity across the sporting community, and even as everyday wear. 

Purchase: $27

4. Dexshell Coolvent

Three individually functioning layers make the Dexshell Coolvent a work of art. The outer shell deflects air and water molecules, then the Porelle middle membrane allows sweat vapor to escape while repelling incoming moisture. Finally the inner layer insulates against warmer temperatures while breathing out any moisture produced by the body.

The perfect apparel for warm weather exercise. This is the garment you want when you need to go jogging in Florida in the rainy season, during your daily thunderstorm. The rest of you will be soaked through from the clouds and the perspiration, but ankle down you will be cool and dry. 

Purchase: $30

5. Sealskinz Mid Weight Knee Length Sock

Completely wind and water proof proof, yet perfectly ventilated, the Sealskin Waterproof Sock is a marvel of modern design. With an outer lining of nylon and elastane, center hydrophilic membrane, and an inner lining of merino wool, acrylic, and polyester, your puddle stomping activities just got a whole lot warmer.

You are unlikely to find a sock that more entirely adheres to the definition of waterproof. The Sealskin doesn’t just reduce to dampness, this incredible garment leaves your tootsies bone dry in even the most extreme conditions. Elastic on the arch and ankle offer support, and keep everything in your shoe slick and smooth, making for all around comfort in every way. This is the sock for long haul dampness. Eight and ten hour days standing up to your knees in mud demand the support of a Sealskin. 

Purchase: $33

6. Crosspoint Waterproof Socks

In an age of green living and healthy choices, one of the best things you can do for your health and your habitat is bicycle. Biking is a breeze some of the time, but for those who wholly embrace this lifestyle, protection against the elements is a must.

Of three layer bonded construction, the Crosspoint Waterproof Sock starts on the outside with a nylon, polyester, spandex blend, then moves inward to a breathable and watertight artex membrane, finishing off with an inner layer that repeats the elements of the exterior, but with the addition of coolmax to protect your paws in the roughest conditions.

Not only is this garment beautifully engineered from the outset, the Crosspoint also includes a 2 year warranty. Crosspoint guarantees your footwear will not fail. With confidence that high, you know it’s got to be good. Thin and resiliant, dependable to the max, this is is the top choice for all weather cyclists. 

Purchase: $35

7. Hytherm Pro Waterproof socks

Comprehensive merino wool terrycloth looping on the interior of the Dexshell Hytherm Pro provides natural wicking along with thermal protection. Composed of durable, silky soft nylon and merino wool with a Porelle water-repellent membrane, in this sheath Achilles would have triumphed.

Reaching the mid calf, with bold athletic orange stripes accenting the solid black base, the Dexshell bespeaks rugged brawn in it’s very appearance. At last, standing in a puddle and gnashing your teeth in a storm, when it’s you against the elements you win every time. This is the sock for the bold explorer and the outdoor extremist. In the Dexshell Hytherm, you simply can’t be beat. 

Purchase: $46