By M. W. Byrne

20 Best Bourbons You Should Taste Before You Die  (2021 Review)

Are you lost trying to sort through top shelf spirits, hoping to find the best bourbon on the market? We’re here to help with some of the most popular spirits available today, with reviews for the best bourbon under $50, $100, and right on up.

Bulleit Bourbon

It has lots of Dreamsicle orange sweetness, but also has spite and tobacco leaf bite built right in to finish the job with frontier sass.


Four Roses Small Batch

With Four Roses bourbon, dark fruits and cinnamon come on quick, bringing a maudlin sense that is rapidly expunged by citrus peel backers and lots of rye. 


I.W. Harper Straight

Both are 2+2 simplistic, beginning with corky sweetness that is shot through with vanilla and blond oak. Low proof and basic, it’s a gentler choice for new sippers.


Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

With Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, you’ll initially pick up on hints of honey, chocolate, and toasted oak.


Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

A strange concoction that bears corn bread, stone fruits, walnut, along with menthol and mint, the delicate balance will never yank your tastes in any one direction. 


Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

The outcome is a strong corn and oak taste that is smooth; one of the best sipping bourbons for neat enjoyment deep into the wee hours of the morning.


Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

Once you taste this amber libation, you’ll be met with the flavors of vanilla, butterscotch, and even more caramel.


Blade and Bow Kentucky Straight

Expect caramel apples, banana, oak, and cinnamon to come bounding in, begging you to play with them.