By M. W. Byrne

25 Excellent New Cars Under $25,000

We wanted low-priced, not cheap. Wherever possible, we grabbed bargains on older models that are still in the shrink wrap to save you pennies yet offer a premium machine.

While we can’t help you with that new car smell – which is probably full of carcinogens anyway – and we can’t tell you what is going to feel right to you, we can offer the 25 best new automobiles on the market for under $25 K.

Scion iA

The 106 hp is tiny, but so is the cost. Inside is a pre-collision system, and easy steering wheel controls for all your bells and whistles. MSRP: $15,700


Nissan Versa Note SV

Wide and comfortable, the Note SV is ideal for the driver that wants exceptional reliability, ease of use, quiet, 31 mpg, and broad, comfortable seats. MSRP: $16,380


Chevrolet Sonic LT

Safety rankings for crash tests are astoundingly good, and the option of a sedan or hatchback give you a couple of choices depending on your needs. MSRP: $17,530


Honda Fit EX

An SUV hybrid that brings a shocking amount of square footage to the table, we like the Fit EX for kids heading off to college or young urbanites who want extra seating or storage. MSRP: $17,900


Subaru Impreza

The infotainment system is sweet and saucy, while the decked out interior cuts noise to the barest of bones. Young families can’t miss at chez Impreza. MSRP: $18,295


Honda Civic LX

Primped and pimped to replace the disappointing models that came before it. The constantly variable transmission feels tight, handling is a dream, and it moves slick on the road. MSRP: $18,640


Toyota Corolla LE

Tech-savvy and equipped for long road trips, the Corolla is another reliable buy-and-forget car with more than enough connectivity to keep the gadget-junkie happy for years to come. MSRP: $18,735