10 Incredible Glass Houses

By Seamus Payne

Oct 2, 2021

Timeless, transparent architecture


Boathouse Studio

Architects: gh3

The clear transmission of light makes a glass-walled home the ideal live/work space for a professional photographer.

This house was built around this concept, with a north-facing wall that brings in both direct and diffuse light for stunning studio photography.


Optical Glass House

Architects: Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

A contemporary home in the heart of Hiroshima uses custom glass bricks for a large, multi-story outer wall.

The Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura and NAP is filled with natural light that flows deep into its interior spaces.


Tea House

Architects: David Jameson Architect

This striking glass structure occupies a peaceful garden in the rear of a suburban home.

The Tea House by David Jameson Architect is a special space for relaxation, meditation and music within a finely-landscaped private yard. 


Glass Pavilion

Architects: Steve Hermann Design

A large rectangular pavilion structure features white floors and ceilings with clear glass walls from one end to the other. 

The Glass Pavilion by Steve Hermann Design is a homage in spirit to one of the first glass houses, the famous Farnsworth House by Mies Van der Rohe.


It Kithouse Prefab Home

Architects: Taalman Koch

The It Kithouse Prefab Home by Taalman Koch is precision-manufactured off-site to be rapidly constructed on the plot of your choice.

 It is sustainable in both material construction and energy consumption, as its glass walls bring in warm sunlight in the winter and can open to allow passive cooling in the summer.


Tea Houses by Swatt

Architects: Miers Architects

A continuance of the tea house theme, as a place for private relaxation and introspection, continues with a series of three glass houses in the Silicon Valley.

The Tea Houses by Swatt | Miers Architects are located on a hilly, wooded plot near the owner’s primary residence.


Fishers Island House

Architects: Thomas Phifer and                     Partners

This large, transparent pavilion home is a work of art in its own right, but it houses an impressive collection of modern art as well.

The Fishers Island House by Thomas Phifer and Partners is home to a retired museum director and wife, plus a large collection of painted art and sculptures in and around the home.


Glass House

Architects: Thomas Roszak

No other glass house can match the scale of this architectural marvel by Thomas Roszak. 

This Glass House is more than just the architect’s most celebrated work, it’s also home to his young family on the north shore of Chicago, Illinois.


Jodlowa House

Architects: PCKO x MOFO Architecs

The Jodlawa House by PCKO Architects is a large glass structure, punctuated with natural stone end walls and steel framing throughout.

Next to the glass-ceiling swimming pool, a long rectangular house features glass on every side and a cantilevered dining section rising above the natural plot below.


Kekkilä Green Shed

Architects: Ville Hara +                     Linda Bergroth

In a word– idyllic.  A small crystal cottage overlooks a calm lake in Finland, a magical little glass getaway for two.

The house is a custom creation built on the frame of a shed design by Bergroth, one that is now a private escape for her own use.