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The Black Desert House by Marc Atlan Design

Unlike most exclusive contemporary homes, this one is built to be shared.  The Black Desert House by Marc Atlan Design and Oller & Pejic Architects is a “commercial residence”, in that it is a 3-bedroom house that is built for rental by film, photography and commercial production companies.  Located in the desert of Joshua Tree, California, The Black Desert House provides a private view of some of the most picturesque natural landscapes in Southern California.

The Black Desert House is designed to be the backdrop for fashion and editorial photo shoots, advertising campaigns, TV commercials and film and video production from the nearby creative hub in Los Angeles.  This house is not just a two-dimensional set, it’s a real and livable home with all the amenities of a typical contemporary retreat.  The design of The Black Desert House is functional in this sense, but it has taken shape to provide high-contrast backgrounds for image-focused commercial endeavors.  The hard lines and pitch-black texture of the home stand in hard contrast to the natural desert beauty beyond.  This contrast is an ideal framing point for everything from high fashion models to suspenseful film stories and plenty in between.

Inside, The Black Desert House holds three bedrooms and a collection of interior living spaces built around a central courtyard.  A swimming pool forms a fine line on the base level, mirroring the rocks and hills of the desert in the distance.  Bright, colorful furnishings stand out amongst the stark black walls and the floor-to-ceiling glass that shows a natural scene beyond.  In total, it’s easy to see why creative director Marc Atlan envisioned this space as a creative production space.  We certainly wouldn’t mind spending a long vacation here, but the photos get our creative juices flowing for the kinds of creative images we could produce here.

The Black Desert HouseThe Black Desert HouseThe Black Desert HouseThe Black Desert HouseThe Black Desert HouseThe Black Desert HouseThe Black Desert House

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