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    Winter Golf: the Cold-Weather Adventure Sport
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Winter Golf: the Cold-Weather Adventure Sport

By February, cabin fever usually has a stranglehold on most us.  The best way to break that fever is to break the cycle, to get outdoors and get off the beaten path.  So when we heard the phrase “winter golf“, we were naturally intrigued, after we got over the humor of it all of course.  We discovered that around the US and the world, there’s a growing movement in snowy climates for winter golfing.  A series of events held at select golf courses invite the bold, the adventurous and the somewhat crazy to head out onto the links for eighteen holes.  We explored this new trends with our friends over at Chevy Culture, and we were surprised to learn just how involved this growing trend is.  If you’re interested in something truly different, and the best ways of tackling the sport and staying warm, head over to Chevy Culture for an eye-opener.  Stay warm, and be sure to bring a bright colored set of balls!

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  1. Intriguing! This sure sounds like fun but a great challenge. I’d have to use only very old golf balls and paint them with Day-Glo paint. Then again, with my game maybe it would help me if I painted my golf balls with Day-Glo now!