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Nike Sole Prosthetic Running Shoe

It’s a brighter world for amputee athletes today, thanks to continued advancements in prosthetic technology.  Nike has released a new “shoe” for prosthetic runners called the Nike Sole Prosthetic Running Shoe, an all-terrain grip that gives runners greater contact with the world below.  Modeled here by amputee athlete Sarah Reinersten, who completed the Ironman Triathlon with an Ossur Flex Run system, the Nike Sole attaches to the Flex Run easily and firmly.

The Sole is designed to provide greater connectivity between the Flex Run’s contact pad and the terrain beneath it.  Its business end looks like a traditional running shoe with rows and columns of rubbery pads.  It fastens to the Flex run after sliding around the carbon fiber like a sleeve, then stays firmly in place for miles and miles on end.  It’s a great advancement for amputee athletes and an inspiring innovation for those of us who are still fortunate enough to have the use of both legs.  Hats off to Nike, Ossur and Sarah Reinersten as well. [via designboom]

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