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    The Waterlovt Luxury Houseboats Are Eco-friendly, Self-sufficient and Self-sustaining
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The Waterlovt Luxury Houseboats Are Eco-friendly, Self-sufficient and Self-sustaining

When you think of living on a house boat, does your mind automatically go to the funny television depictions of old, rotting barges off secluded docks in the woods, or perhaps the viral Internet images of little personal islands built entirely from plastic water bottles? Well, that’s not quite the experience you’ll get if you decide to invest in one of the newly designed Waterlovt homes by Belevari Marine!


The Waterlovt is designed with a few key architectural concepts and priorities in mind. Firstly, these luxury houseboats are environmentally friendly. The complete outer structure, as well as the inner furnishings of the house, are created from gorgeous, lightly stained reclaimed and recycled wood and other materials.

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Waterlotv 5

Waterlotv 3

Sailing the seas, in style

Within striving to make the houseboat environmentally conscious, the designers also aimed to make it completely self-sufficient and self-sustaining. Due to several innovative and advance systems, like a built-in water purifier and an innovative waste disposal, the Waterlovt can functioning completely independently of any mainland power or support. This makes it so that, whether you choose to stay docked or to float freely and explore, you’re theoretically capable of staying on the water for as long as your groceries and toilet paper last you!



Waterlotv 2

Amazing views thanks to these windows

Perhaps our favourite feature of the Waterlovt is the window design, or should we say the walls? All around the home, you’ll find thick, safe panes of glass extending from floor to ceiling, allowing you to take in the view no matter where in the house you’re seated. Imagine being able to watch the sunset and sunrise each day right from the comfort of your bed! It’s a natural light lover’s dream come true.

Waterlotv 4

As you exit the home, the gorgeous blonde wood finish follows you out onto the wrapping deck, letting you sit in comfort and style above the water. The edges of the deck periodically feature ladders, letting you climb on and off the houseboat for a quick dip with ease. You’d be hard pressed not to start and finish each day with a refreshing swim if cooling waters were just a few steps down from your front porch like this!

Waterlotv 1

The Waterlovt might seem like a futuristic ideal, but it’s actually quite a practical possibility for people who are willing to invest in unique, sustainable home ownership. Besides two differently structured versions of the home, one of which even includes a basement, the company offers you a safety guarantee based on year of research and a foundation of Dutch houseboating traditions.

If you’d like to learn more about the Waterlovt, its layouts and pricing options for owning one, visit their website!