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    Dreaming About Snakes? You’ll Be Surprised to Learn What It Really Means!
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Dreaming About Snakes? You’ll Be Surprised to Learn What It Really Means!

Dreaming about snakes can often be unsettling, if not downright scary. But what does a snake symbolize in a dream? Let’s find out!

Dreaming About Snakes

The mere thought of a wriggling, slithering reptile around is enough to cause jitters and uneasiness to most of us. And when you see snakes in your dreams, it can be pretty spine-chilling! And, it will often lead to thinking of a host of negative meanings to associate the snake dream with.

But honestly speaking, snakes in dreams doesn’t always mean something unpleasant or uncanny. While snakes in dreams can symbolize hidden fears, betrayal, and unresolved issues, dreaming about snakes can also mean transformation, creative life force, and wisdom.

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Curious about what your snake dreams mean? Let’s look at some common snake dreams and what they could relate to your waking life. 

What It Means When You’re Dreaming About Snakes

Snake symbolism in dreams is multi-layered, complex, and culturally varied. In short, dreaming of a snake can mean different things to different people; it can have either a negative or positive meaning.

Now, let’s look at the different ways to interpret dreams about snakes. 

Philosophical and Spiritual Dream Meanings of Snakes

The snake is a dream symbol common to almost every culture or religion, although it can have different meanings. Thus, your religion and cultural background can play a vital factor in how you find meaning in the dream. For example:

In Christianity and Judaism, a snake can be seen as a carrier of knowledge and wisdom. It could also represent sexual desire, as in the story of Adam and Eve. However, serpents can also symbolize the devil and deception in Christian and Jewish traditions.

In Islam, they see the snake as a vicious creature representing unknown danger or oncoming trouble. This meaning relates to specific dream scenarios, like being chased or bitten by a snake. 

Some People are Just Snake People

On the other hand, snakes can symbolize personal power, like owning or overpowering a snake in some dreams. 

The Chinese interpretation of snake in dreams doesn’t include the same evil connotations as Christianity or Islam. Although snakes are seen as sneaky and manipulative, they are considered intelligent and mysterious in the Chinese zodiac. 

Chinese interpretations of Snake dreams carry meanings of personal growth, power, and strength.

The psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, believed that a snake is a phallic symbol and connected to feelings about sex or any sexual relation you have in your waking life. 

According to Carl Jung, another psychoanalyst, snakes in dreams personify a threatening aspect of any conflict between your instinct and conscious mind. 

Common Interpretations of Snake Dreams

Another way to understand the significance of a snake in dreams is to consider your personal experiences with snakes. For example, if you are terrified of snakes, you might interpret the dream differently from someone who grew up with a pet snake. 

Interpreting Snake Dreams

Let’s take a look at some common psycho-symbolic meanings of snakes in dreams:

  • Fear: Dreaming of snakes could mean that you are afraid of someone or something in your real life. Maybe, you are fearful of commitment, or you’re scared of making a choice in a relationship or at work. Seeing a snake in your dream could serve as a tip-off that you need to face your fears. 
  • Anxiety: Snakes in dreams could represent things that cause you sadness, anger, or stress in real life. Typically, they appear in dreams whenever your emotions feel out of whack.
  • Hidden Threat: Because snakes are often seen hidden in the bushes, they are most often taken as a symbol of betrayal or a hidden threat. A snake slithering in your dreams could serve as an alert about something important that you are unaware of in your real life.
  • Repressed Desire: A snake dream could point out your innermost desires or unmet sexual needs in your personal life. 
  • Growth and Rebirth: With their ability to shed old skin, seeing a snake in a dream could represent transformation, a new life, self-renewal, and growth. Dreaming about a serpent could be a way for your unconscious mind to help you come to terms with the troubles and struggles in your real life. 
  • Healing: Many cultures also view snakes as a healing symbol. After all, while snakes can bring poison, they also hold the antidote to their own venom. Thus, having a snake dream could point to protection or recovery from some illnesses (or the desire for these things). 
  • Knowledge and Wisdom: Snakes symbolize wisdom in several Asian and Native American cultures. Seeing a snake in your dream could mean that you are seeking knowledge or answers in your waking life. 

Colored Snakes in Dreams: What Do They Symbolize?

The right dream interpretation can help you find out the best thing you should do about it. This is why it’s also essential to take into account other features or symbols in your dreams, like colors. 

Colorful Snakes

Different colors have different meanings in dreams, and the colorful snakes in your dream can help you discern their meaning better. In traditional culture, seeing multiple snakes represents good fortune, no matter the color. But what does a dream mean when you see specific colored snakes?

Dreaming About a Black Snake

A black snake is usually a symbol of darkness. You can take it as an omen from your unconscious mind trying to warn you about impending difficulties in life or hidden dangers. 

In the same way, a black snake is seen as a creature of the night and could symbolize inner gloom, depression, or negative thoughts like lost hope or guilt. It could also represent distrust or the unknown. 

Dreaming About a Yellow Snake

Dreams of a yellow snake are often associated with happiness and the light at the end of the tunnel. If you see a yellow snake in your dream, it could signify a resolution to any issues or problems you’re currently facing. 

Yellow snakes could also mean significant personal growth or happiness on the horizon. 

Red Snakes Mean Power

Dreaming About a Red Snake

A red snake symbolizes power and passion. If you dream about one, it could be a wake-up call for you to take charge of your life or get more engaged in life. 

On the other hand, a red snake could also mean bad luck or something to alert you about a betrayal by someone close to you. It could also indicate an alarm about a red flag in your life that you’ve been ignoring. 

Dreaming About a Pink Snake

Pink is often associated with feminine energy, and a pink snake typically represents happiness and love. 

So, seeing a pink snake in your dreams could symbolize the feminine or joyful aspect of yourself you are yet to acknowledge. 

Dreaming About a White Snake

White snakes symbolize something pure and untainted. Some cultures also consider a white snake as a symbol of truthfulness. White snake dreams could represent an unspoken truth that will soon come to light. 

In some beliefs, white snakes and gold snakes are related to money and fortune. 

And since the color white also represents a white, clean canvas, when a white snake appears in a dream could also mean a fresh start. If you see a white snake in your dream and feel excited or a little frightened, that white snake could show your inner feelings about anticipating changes in your life. 

Dreaming About a Blue Snake

If you dream of a blue snake, it’s often seen as positive. It typically symbolizes creativity and wisdom that is already present within you. 

In the same way, dreaming of a blue snake could also mean protection, healing, and important communication within the spirit world. 

White Snake But Not the Band

Dreaming About a Green Snake

Green snakes typically represent healing, both spiritual and physical healing. Seeing a green snake in dreams has a positive connotation. It could indicate growth or your need for one and spiritual awakening. 

If you dream of a green snake in a dark color variety, it usually indicates a deeper, more philosophical enlightenment or healing. 

Alternatively, green snakes could also indicate jealousy or having a toxic person in your inner circle. 

Dreaming About a Specific Type of Snake: What Do They Mean?

Can you recall what type of snake appeared in your dream? Yes, the breed of the snake appearing in your dream can also be significant in finding out dream meanings. 

A dream about poisonous snakes will have a different interpretation than a dream about a harmless garter snake. A dream of a poisonous snake means deceit, betrayal, or poisoned hope or plans. 

Understanding Reptile Dreams

Meanwhile, dreaming of snakes that are not poisonous usually indicates something that might seem fearful but isn’t a real danger to you. 

  • Rattlesnakes: Some common dream interpretations of a rattlesnake are feelings of anxiousness, nervousness, and fear. Their rattling tails serve as warnings of threats in dreams. If a rattlesnake bit you in the dream, that could mean that you’ve been ignoring the warnings in real life. However, if you dream of hissing or pouncing rattlesnakes, that could warn you about cheating or betrayal.
  • Garter snake: They are pretty harmless snakes, and so dreaming about them is taken as something similarly innocuous. Such a dream can represent someone or something you initially thought to be a real danger but is not a genuine threat. 
  • Boa constrictor: Dreaming about a boa constrictor usually indicates a feeling of being smothered in a relationship. 
  • Viper: Dreaming of a viper could signify your fear of getting bitten by a toxic person in your real life. 
  • Venomous serpent: This type of snake typically symbolizes harmful or toxic behavior. Such dreams serve as a warning to refrain from toxic people, generally men, or actions that can poison your life. 

Common symbolism of a venomous snake in dreams can have a negative meaning. However, it’s also important to consider what happens in the dream. 

Positive and Negative Connotations

  • Was it an angry, venomous snake? It can be associated with the struggle to control your anger.
  • Did the poisonous snake bit you? It could suggest trauma you’re suffering in real life or a warning about external forces that are against you.
  • Were you assisting somebody bitten by a venomous snake? It could show your sociable and generous character. 

16 Common Snake Dream Scenarios and Their Meanings

A few ways to help you uncover the meaning of snakes in your dreams is thinking about:

  • Besides the snake, who was in the dream?
  • What was the snake doing in your dream?
  • What did you feel during or after the dream? 

Common Scenarios

There are endless snake dreams one can have, which comes with a plethora of different dream explanations. But here are a couple of common dream scenarios involving snakes. 

1. Dreaming of a Snake Inside the House

Dreaming of snakes indoors or inside the house could mean different things, depending on what your house means to you. It could mean any of the following:

  • Family problems. You might be fighting with your children or siblings, or you suspect that your partner is cheating. 
  • Bad feelings. If you’re living with other people or renting a house, dreaming of a snake indoors could mean ill feelings toward your roommate or landlord.
  • Financial problems. A house can symbolize your security, and such a dream could indicate money problems. 

First, find out what your house might represent to make sense of this dream. It could simply symbolize your family, finances, responsibilities, or private things that are weighing on your mind. It’s also possible that you’re unhappy in the house and trying to move. 

Meanwhile, if it’s an outdoor snake, it often signifies that you must avoid being carried away by any plans or actions about a future life. 

2. Dreaming About Killing Snakes

If you are killing snakes in your dream, it means something positive. It means you’re trying to defeat whatever challenges or fears you have and are on your way to a smoother, less-challenging part of your life. 

Similarly, it could also be a sign that there’s something in your life that you need to face or accomplish.

Killer Snakes

If you feel guilty after killing the snake in the dream, it could likely be that the choice you made hasn’t been easy to resolve. But if you feel satisfaction after killing it, you’re most likely going to feel fulfilled and joyful once you overcome the challenges the snake represents. 

3. Dreaming of Being Chased by a Snake

Dreaming of a snake chasing you can bring out feelings of panic and fear. It could relate to your waking life if you have something you’re trying to escape from or avoid, which can bring in such negative emotions. 

Some possible scenarios could include a task or a necessary medical procedure you’ve been trying to avoid or a difficult situation or choices that make you feel trapped. 

It could also signify that there’s something in your mind you’ve been putting off. Maybe, you’re trying to break things off with your partner but haven’t gotten the courage to do so.

4. Dreaming of a Dead Snake

If there are dead snakes in your dream, you don’t have to worry much. This kind of dream has positive representations. It symbolizes the end of something negative, such as betrayal, fear, or temptation.

Seeing dead snakes in your dream represents change or a new beginning in your real life or that you’ve already defeated the issue the snake represents. 

5. Dreaming About a Snake Bites

Dreaming about a snake bite serves as a warning sign about the toxicity in your circle. It could be a person with toxic traits or a challenging situation that might cause you harm. The snake bite could also indicate something that is bothering you or one that makes you feel trapped. 

However, dreams of snake bites aren’t all bad luck. For instance, if the snake bites you on the foot or leg, the dream means a significant transformation in your life. Since the feet represent your balance, a snake biting you on your foot is a prediction that something could change dramatically. 

6. Dreaming About Snakes While Pregnant

Pregnant Snakes

Seeing a snake in your dreams while pregnant is a good sign. The dream symbolizes good luck and could mean a smooth sailing pregnancy. 

The snake color in the dream can also have a significant meaning. For instance, if you saw a black snake, it could mean that you’re having a baby boy and a baby girl if it’s a white snake. If it’s a red snake, it’s another lucky piece of news about someone close to you getting engaged or married. 

7. Dreaming of a Two-Headed Snake

A dream about a snake with two heads could mean complications or suppressed fears in your waking life. It signifies being pulled in two different directions or being conflicted with your choices. 

Take this dream as a wake-up call that you need to take some time to reexamine your problems or choices to be confident in the decisions you’re going to make. 

8. Dreaming of a Snake Shedding

If the snake sheds in your dream, it signifies rebirth or transformation or the need for change to move forward. Take it as a sign that there is something or someone in your life you must discard to move on. 

Pay attention to any symbolism or meaning in your life that could represent the need for regeneration. For example, it could be a past traumatic life you need to shed or recurring dreams about an ex you have to get over. 

9. Dreaming of a Snake Attacking

A snake challenging or attacking you in your dream signifies something important in your life that requires your attention. This dream symbolizes danger from within. You could be struggling internally, which you need to address before it can manifest outwardly. 

Another interpretation of a snake attacking you in a dream is a self-destructive behavior you have to break. 

10. Dreaming of Big Snakes

The size of the snake in your dream signifies the magnitude of something. It could be good fortune or rewards, but it could also indicate overwhelming concerns and fears. 

Take this dream as a guide to think about the possible representations of the snake in your real life. Its large size is simply a subjective perception of the current situation you are dealing with. 

11. Dreaming of Baby Snakes

Dreaming of a baby or a small snake can signify an important transition in your life. For example, baby snakes showing up in dreams symbolizes changes regarding personal growth, spirituality, intuition, and instinct. The changes can also be emotional, physical, or spiritual. 

Another interpretation of small snakes in dreams is a hidden threat or a threat that you underestimated but could be a source of great trouble in your life. 

12. Dreaming of a Rainbow Serpent

The rainbow serpent is considered the creator god in Aboriginal Australia, believed to be a great and powerful force of nature and spirit. Dreaming of one colorful snake means that you feel the need to reconnect with nature or the Earth. 

The Aborigines also consider the rainbow snake as a healer, and dreaming of one could signify that you need to start a personal healing process. 

13. Dreaming of Snakes in Water

Snakes Everywhere

Snakes in the water or the sea serpent is an ancient symbol that represents your unconscious mind. If you dream of one, it could signify unknown forces lurking deep in your psyche.

Sea snakes also symbolize your instinct, intuition, or dangerous impulses that are starting to show. 

14. Dreaming of Eating a Snake

Dreaming of consuming a snake means two things. One is feeling or being caught up in someone else’s negative energy. Secondly, it could represent conquering negative energies and not allowing them to remain externally. 

15. Dreaming of Two Snakes

Dreams involving two snakes or more are a symbol of abundance or duality. Whether it’s positive or negative depends on how you feel in the dream.

For instance, if you felt frightened seeing many snakes in the dream, it could mean that something is overwhelming you in your real life. But, on the other hand, if the feeling is positive in the dream, it’s a sign of an overflowing fountain of energy, either wisdom or sexual energy. 

16. Dreaming of the Same Snake, Again

A recurring snake dream could show overwhelming feelings, which could be brought about by a toxic behavior of a person or a situation you couldn’t seem to escape. It could also indicate negative energy or deep emotions in your psyche that obstruct you in real life, like giving you trouble sleeping.

Understanding what the snake represents in the dream will help you figure out what you need to do or what things you need to address in your life. 

Since recurring dreams aim to get your attention, try tracking your dreams instead of ignoring the signs. 

Final Thoughts on Dreaming About Snakes

Above, we have explored the different interpretations of seeing snakes in your dreams based on different scenarios and context clues. 

People usually have negative associations with snakes appearing in dreams, like betrayal and fear. But while dreams about snakes can be somewhat scary, they can also symbolize a host of benign or even directly positive aspects of your waking life, like wisdom, transformation, and change. 

If snakes happen to slither into your zzz’s, you’ll now have a pretty good idea of how to interpret those dreams.