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    How to Interpret Your Dreams about Spiders
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How to Interpret Your Dreams about Spiders

Fear-factor aside, spiders are actually a quite common dream symbol. And news flash, spider dreams don’t always mean something sinister is about to happen! On the contrary, it can mean the exact opposite in many cultures and traditions.

With that said, there is no single way to interpret seeing spiders in dreams. So, let’s explore the full web of spider dream meanings!

Dreaming of Spiders

What It Means if You Keep Dreaming About Spiders

Like all dream symbols, spiders in dreams can also symbolize many different things. It usually depends on your own personal associations or what’s happening in your waking life, leaving a lot of room for interpretation. Below, we cover the most common spider dream interpretations.

Feeling Threatened or Unsafe

Spider Dream Warning

Spiders are scary to many people, so these creepy crawlers appearing in dreams can link to things that are scaring you in your waking life. Perhaps it is a physical, emotional, or spiritual threat lingering in the back of your mind, or perhaps it is a negative life event presenting more immediate challenges.

Dreaming of these creepy crawlers can also symbolize negative influences that are currently bugging you. It could be negative emotions, bad habits, or toxic people or family members that are impacting your physical and mental well-being.

A Spark of Creative Energy

Spiders in dreams can also symbolize creativity and construction. Think of how they create artful, elaborate webs. If you start dreaming of spiders, it could signify some new ideas and creative prospects you are building.

Such dreams encourage you to continue nurturing creativity and unfolding your hidden talents to accomplish your goals and everything that you desire in your waking life.

Strong Feminine Power

Besides creativity, dreams about a spider represent major nurturing energy that helps sustain life. Seeing such a creature in your dream could represent a domineering female figure in your life. It could you a mother figure, spouse, girlfriend, girl best friend, a lady boss, or any woman who may have been a huge help in your life.

Other times, the feminine energy that a spider symbolizes doesn’t necessarily represent a person but a feminine quality such as perseverance, patience, or endurance.

Your Shadow Self

Spiders often bring out fear in many people. Hence, it’s closely associated with your shadow self, any suppressed emotion, thoughts, or personality. Seeing them in dreams could reflect your deepest fears, anxieties, insecurity, self-doubt, and negative influences in your life.

Lies and Deceit in Your Waking Life

As artful as spider webs are, they could also symbolize lies, cheating, deceit, and betrayal. Think of feeling trapped in a tangle of those intricate webs. Perhaps in your real life, you have trusted someone wholeheartedly, but they ended up cheating on you.

It could also mean a warning sign about blindly trusting someone or making connections with untrustworthy people.

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Your Inner Strategist

Spiders are hardworking insects with enough smarts and patience to create beautiful webs. They are also very strategic. Because while some animals pounce or intimidate, spiders lure their prey.

So, if you dream about spiders, it could symbolize the inner part of yourself that is methodical, strategic, and seductive. Sounds intriguing? The next time this tiny insect visits you in your dreams, it might tell you that tapping into your inner vixen can help you chase your dreams and accomplish your goals.

Spiders in Dreams Mean Different Things in Different Cultures

Spider Meanings in Different Cultures

A spider is an ancient worldwide symbol. But its symbolism works and means differently across many cultures, countries, and religions. In one way, they symbolize patience and tenacity. But in some dream themes, it could be a bad omen.

Let’s look at how spider dreams reflect in different cultures below.

Japanese People Believe Spiders Symbolize Feminine Power

In popular Japanese superstition, seeing a spider during the day means good luck. However, if it visits during the night, it symbolizes a thief and brings bad luck.

The Chinese Consider Spiders a Sign of Good Luck

In Chinese culture, spiders are considered an auspicious symbol. Seeing them in dreams is generally a good omen, especially if the spider falls off the web. Such a dream is believed to be ‘good luck descending from the heavens.’

Spiders Have Both Positive and Negative Meanings in Islam

Seeing a spider in the house or in your dreams has a special meaning in Islam, both positive and negative. It doesn’t matter what color it is or whether it’s small or large. They consider a spider as (1) a pious and religious person that can help guide you against the wicked acts of others and (2) a toxic female force who cheats and is malicious towards others.

Spiders Are a Symbol of Protection in Christianity

The symbolism of spiders in Christianity is varied. In one way, the meaning of spiders in the Bible is attributed to the protection sent by God to shield the people from evil. The spider is also a wake-up call to weave your own web to fulfill your dreams and spiritual purpose.

On the other hand, spider dreams are also associated with works of evil, such as confusion, lies, and deceit. Moreover, the spider web has been used in the Bible as a metaphor for something or someone who’s weak and fragile.

So, with its contrasting meanings amongst many cultures, figuring out what the spider message in the dream will take some self-awareness. It’s always up to you to put the appearance of the eight-legged creature in your dreams into context within your life.

Significance of Spider Bites in Dreams

Dreams about spiders don’t have a very cut-and-dry interpretation. The symbol itself is rich with symbolism and contradictory meaning. It is why one of the best ways to interpret a dream is to remember the context of the dream.

What was the spider doing in your dream? Was it crawling towards you or away from you? Was it hanging from the ceiling? Were there many of them in your dreams? Was it a small or a big spider? Can you remember the color or the type of spider you dreamed of?

All these specifics matter because they can offer you different clues and hidden truths about what your dreams are telling you.

Spiders Attacking You

To see a spider attacking you in your dreams symbolizes that something in your waking hours makes you feel threatened. It could also be that such a threat or attack comes from a female figure with aggressive and dominating tendencies.

This dream could also indicate a warning to stop ignoring red flags. Pay attention to the people, especially females, around you who are trying to control and overshadow you.

Seeing spiders chasing you could also represent your direction or position in life. It could signal your anxieties and concerns or your quest to gain more freedom in your life. This kind of dream is a premonition for self-love, self-acceptance, and encouragement for you to be more direct and honest with your emotions.

What Does Dreaming About a Spider Actively Biting You Mean?

Spider Bite on Finger

While not all spiders are venomous, they all have fangs. And to dream of getting bitten by this creature with eight legs can symbolically mean a lot of things.

If you are afraid of spiders, seeing one biting you in a dream is a symbol of fear, fraud, and deceit. It could show that someone in your waking life has hurt you or is dishonest. In short, a spider biting you in the dream means that someone in your circle has figuratively bit you.

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If the dream is about a spider biting you and you see blood or feel pain, it’s considered bad news. It indicates conflict or a betrayal of a loved one because of jealousy. But if it’s not painful and no blood is visible, it will prove to be good news. Because while you might face some competition or conflict, you will gain the upper hand in the end.

Dreams of Spiders Biting Certain Body Parts

Spider bite dreams carry different connotations depending on what part of the body they bite. Depending on the location, you can start to unravel unaddressed emotional pain or pent-up anxiety in your waking life. Below are some of the most common body parts featured in dreams of spider bites.

It speaks plenty about your personality if you dreamed about being bitten by a spider in the leg. Your legs symbolize the foundation of your body and the facilitator of all movements that you do. Hence, dreaming of getting bitten by a spider in the leg means that you might be facing some challenges that could share you to the root.

If you dreamed about being bitten by a spider in the body, it indicates an inevitable confrontation with a dominant female figure in your life. It could be a mother or someone with maternal power which is close to you.

If you dreamed about being bitten by a spider on the finger, it’s a warning that someone close to you, whom you trust blindly, might be breaking your trust after all. It’s a call for you to be more aware of the people in your midst and break up with someone who isn’t good for you or might be stabbing you in the back.

If you dreamed about being bitten by a spider on the arm, it conveys an important message regarding current relationship issues. It can indicate that a current partner might be cheating on you, and you will have a confrontation soon.

If you dreamed about being bitten by a spider on your face, it shows your significant concern with your image. Take this dream as a reminder that life is not all about physical appearance. On the other hand, dreaming of a spider bite in the face could also be a sign of jealousy and gossip from someone who claims to be your friend.

Meaning of Spiders Crawling on You

Seeing a spider crawling all over you in dreams means something is irritating or threatening in your midst. Because the spider is only crawling on you, not biting, it means that whatever threat there is, it’s not as urgent or dangerous as you might expect. However, it’s still worth keeping an eye on before the problem can get bigger.

A dream about spiders crawling in your personal space could also represent the darker side of your personality. Such dreams represent your shadow self, the part of you you’ve hidden from everybody else, even those closest to you.

Dreaming of a Spider Hanging Over You

A hanging spider represents something worrying that is looming over you. And the issue is making you feel anxious, causing an immense mental disturbance in your waking state. The spider in the dream symbolizes the need to be mindful of situations and problems and have a clear mind so you can find out workable solutions to them.

What It Means to Dream About Killing Spiders

Dreaming of Killing a Spider

The general interpretation of a dream about killing a spider indicates an impending misfortune or threat in your life. On the other hand, it could also signify a challenging situation that calls you to dig deep and find your inner power to meet such challenges head-on.

Dreaming about stepping on a spider means that you already have what it takes to overcome challenges in your life. All you need to do is continue on your path, stay strong, and victory will be right around the corner.

It speaks of your drive to succeed at all costs if you dreamt of killing multiple spiders. And while that dream interpretation seems positive, it’s also a reminder to take some time to slow down and remember how self-care is as important as chasing success.

But if you dreamed of hitting a spider until it drops dead, this dream shows the tenacity to overcome the negatives in your life. It’s also an indication that with action and endurance, you will be able to come out on the other side.

Lastly, if you dreamed of eating a spider, as disgusting as it sounds, this dream has a positive meaning. It shows your confidence and your ability to take charge of the situation. Pat yourself on the back because this dream means that you have it under control.

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Dreaming of Specific Types of Spiders

If your dreams are eerily specific regarding certain spider types, check out the dream interpretations below to shed some light on their meaning.

Black Spiders

Black spiders in dreams don’t mean anything good. It represents feelings of isolation, disapproval, loneliness, and separation.

If you have this dream, taking action is advisable to overcome your difficulties and improve your quality of life instead of running away.

Black Widow Spiders

Black Widow in Dreams

Seeing a black widow in dreams symbolizes the most negative of all spider dream meanings. It represents suffering, resentment, distress, and hopelessness.

But if you’re dreaming of killing a black widow, you might just come out victorious from the hopeless situation.


Tarantulas are among the creeps with their large, hairy bodies and legs. And while they are not venomous or poisonous to humans, they are deadly to their prey. Hence, dreaming of one can indicate some very serious problem that will give you a lot of stress in your waking life.

Tarantula dreams cold also signify unhealthy habits or negative thoughts that might be eating you on the inside.

White Spiders

White spiders are the opposite of the black ones in dreams. They predict positive outcomes, success, and happiness in all areas of your life.

Be mindful! The size or the number of white spiders indicates the magnitude of success coming to you.

Brown Spiders

A brown spider symbolizes stress, and seeing one indicates that you worry about things too much. Don’t let it happen. Take this as a message to divert your attention and find ways to calm your mind.

Red Spiders

Red is a bold color, and seeing a red spider in dreams shows your rigidity and unyielding personality. It also shows passion, celebration, success, and romantic relations.

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Redback Spiders

Seeing redback spiders means it’s time to shed whatever bad habits or old ways of thinking that may be hindering you in achieving your goals.

A redback spider represents something more powerful than you. And surrendering your worries and emotional setbacks to the higher power will give you peace of mind and happiness in the end.

Blue Spiders

Such dreams signal the satisfaction you feel in your life. Seeing a hovering blue-colored spider means contentment and fulfillment.

Pink Spiders

They’re not as common, but pink-colored spiders in dreams denote joy, happiness, and optimism. If you are concerned about your romantic life, dreaming of a pink spider signals love and sweetness in your relationship.

Purple Spiders

It is another good omen because purple spiders represent recognition, career growth, and high social position. If someone has betrayed you before, seeing a purple spider in dreams could also signal that justice will be served.

Striped Spiders

Striped Spider Dream Meaning

A striped spider in dreams carries a hidden spiritual meaning about the things you see around you. Beware because things or people may not be as they seem. Take this opportunity to rediscover and unleash secrets, which could be your own or those around you.

Spider Eggs

Such dreams indicate suppressed desires, emotions, and talents. If you see spider dreams, it means that you need to acknowledge the potentials you have and express who you truly are in order to get ahead in your waking life.

Significance of Dreams with Lots of Spiders

Dreams About Lots of Spiders

Heads up! Recurring dreams about lots of spiders could indicate that you are overcome with anxiety or fear. Perhaps, you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed with the current situation of your life. It could also be a sign of untrustworthy people or adversaries lurking all around you.

Dreams about spiders represent deceit and lie, and seeing multiple of them indicates that the lies and deceit you will encounter might get you overwhelmed. If you happen to see a giant spider instead of multiple spiders, it also denotes something big happening that might overwhelm you.

Hence, this dream could also warn you to seek conscious awareness and to remain poised no matter the negative energy coming into your life.

But it’s not all negative. Seeing multiple spiders can also be good luck, especially in terms of fortune. It all depends on the context of your dream. If they look shiny and are crawling on the ground, wall, table, or window, this dream predicts that money is on its way to you!

Spider Webs in Dreams Symbolism

Spider webs in dreams tend to symbolize two different things, depending on the context of the dream. First, if the dream focuses on a spider spinning its web, it usually indicates that you feel trapped. Second, if you are destroying the spider web, you’ve already freed yourself from the entrapment.

Spider Webs in Dreams

Spider Spinning a Web

When you see a spider spinning webs in a dream, it indicates present disturbances in your real life. Also, seeing spiders catching prey in their webs means that you might be caught in a negative situation and don’t know which way to go. You might be facing some crisis in your waking life and can’t find a solution to it.

Such dreams about a spider’s web reflect your need to feel in control of your life and break free from the realm of distrust, betrayal, and misfortune. Take this dream as a sign that you need to address issues, insecurities, and stressors bugging you.

Destroying a Web

When you dream of cleaning out spider webs, it means you are now in the process of getting yourself out of any physical or emotional entanglements. It might be a big, thick web right in your face representing direct conflict, or dusty old cobwebs up in forgotten corners to symbolize things you’ve been avoiding. In either case, destroying a spider web in your dreams is a sign of cleansing, growth, and moving on.

House Spiders as Spirit Animals

House Spider Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, a spider in the house represents protection against dark forces or a warning, depending on where they are located.

If you dream about spiders in the dining room, it speaks of your need to have total or absolute control over most things in your life, including relationships.

If you dreamed about spiders in the bedroom, then it means that you have complete control over situations and events concerning you. It’s a sign that you will experience the spiritual balance that you once lacked.

However, dreaming of spiders in the bathroom warns that you might have some misunderstanding with a family member or someone important in your life. But on the other hand, it also speaks of your inner self waking up to take its rule over your life.

Meanwhile, a spider in the window or the dark corners of the room implies that someone is not a friend and could be plotting to cause problems.

You might find spiders scary and repulsive, but having them around the house is a good sign that you and everyone in your home have protection from any evil.

Final Thoughts on Dreams About Spiders

Spiders show up in your dreams as an omen of some kind. It could be associated with fear, something you can’t control, or feeling trapped. But the meaning behind a dream about spiders all depends on the context and has a lot to do with what’s currently going on in a person’s life.

In short, only you can be the dream expert and know what spider dreams mean for you.

Have you had dreams about spiders? Which of these spider dream meanings sound familiar to you? Let us know in a comment below!

  1. I dreamt of a big spider , it was so venomous, so we were trying to kill it , until I called a friend to kill it , days after the spider rose up and killed every person that was trying to kill it , I was so scared

  2. I dreamt I was bitten by a huge yellow spider in my left leg, but I managed to grab it and killed it by throwing against the wall, I was so scared, I’ve never seen such a huge spider

  3. I had a dream of my crush showing up in my dream and grabs my hand and says yes!! That was so fulfilling. But then it changed to another setting where we are laying down and she is at my side and we are looking up to which I notice a brick wall or some type of overhang to my right side and I notice a spider on the wall. Anyone got a spiritus meaning for this. I so wish it could have ended after she said yes!😅 But although the spider didn’t freak me out either I just recall seeing it and thought nothing of it. I think we just got up and walked around some more.

  4. My spider dream has truly to find with deceptive untrustworthy oeooke around me and could also mean I need to be more active n exercises more and most important fears wanting to know the truth and I hope us luck in money too

  5. Had been having constant dreams about seeing Tons of spiders over my head at my old childhood home. I was always ducking and trying to get away in these dreams.

    My parents were abusive in more ways than 1, so I’m pretty sure these dreams are tied to those unsafe feelings that I always had when living there.