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Modern Houseboat by Welcome Beyond

Traveling to Berlin?  If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate than the brand name hotel or even the boutique, consider this houseboat vacation rental right on the water.  This modern houseboat, offered by “hand-picked paradise” travel company Welcome Beyond, is located on the Spree River which snakes through downtown Berlin.  The heart of Germany’s capitol is easily accessible from this houseboat by river, by taxi or even by bike.  Yet unlike a downtown hotel, the off-the-beaten-path approach of this solo vacation rental is a big part of its allure.

The houseboat features a contemporary rectangular design that fits a typical houseboat frame.  It has the feel of modern prefab architecture, with a strong boxy frame and floor-to-ceiling glass on several sides.  The interior is roomy and relaxed, with room enough for a couple or a small family.  The boat is kept permanently in this place, and the attached dock welcomes outdoor relaxation along the lazy river.  “Lazy” is a key term here, because the kind of relaxation offered in lodging like this is hard to find so close to the excitement of downtown Berlin.  It’s a lovely vacation offering, one that stands out in Berlin should this German locale be on your travel horizons.

The rental price of the Modern Houseboat by Welcome Beyond ranges from $250 in the low season to $380 in the busy season, with ample room for 2-4 guests. [via yatzer]

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