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BioLite CampStove and USB Charger

BioLite CampStove and USB Charger 1 BioLite CampStove and USB Charger

Is there a camp stove more amazing than this?  The BioLite CampStove and USB Charger can cook your meals and charge your gadgets with the renewable resource of sticks gathered from the forest floor.  The BioLite uses rocket stove-ish technology to produce efficient heat with a combustion chamber and focused, insulated chimney.  By burning just a handful of sticks, the BioLite CampStove can boil water and charge mobile devices without the need for conventional fuel or a connection to the grid.  By using a transduction process, BioLite generates electricity from the heat as the fire burns.  This is great for camping, but a wonderful tool for emergencies.  If you lose power or access to cooking fuel, a handful of sticks can cook you a meal while charging your mobile phone.

Having tinkered with the rocket stove concept in our workshop, we admire what BioLite has accomplished here.  Buying a BioLite CampStove helps fund BioLite’s other product, the HomeStove, which is a charitable system that allows people to cook meals safely and sustainably in the third world.  Over half of the world cooks over open flames, and the resulting smoke causes an estimated 2,000,000 deaths per year.  Both of these products, the HomeStove and the CampStove, could certainly do a lot of good for the world.  We want one of each!  CampStove is now in production and is available for pre-order for $129. [via uncrate]

BioLite CampStove and USB Charger 5 BioLite CampStove and USB Charger

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