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    BMW i8 Plug-in Hybrid Sports Car Officially Revealed
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BMW i8 Plug-in Hybrid Sports Car Officially Revealed

Four years ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW revealed one of the most exciting concept vehicles in mark history, the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept.  Four years later, this concept car has become a reality with the BMW i8 Plug-in Hybrid Sports Car, officially revealed today at this year’s Frankfurt show.  The BMW i8 is the result of investments in futurism, inspired design philosophies, advanced technologies and a whole lot of hard work.  It’s officially here, an efficient plug-in hybrid sports car from one of the most adored car companies in the world.

The new BMW i8 sports car is both efficient and powerful, featuring a drivetrain with a combined 362 hp from an electric motor and a turbocharged three-cylinder engine.  That’s enough power to push this coupe to 62 mph in just 4.4 seconds.  Those are sexy numbers for a car that can provide up to 94 mph on short trips, an attractive combination of performance and efficiency.  That also presents a rare improvement over the concept version– here’s our report back in 2009:

The Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept is a plug-in hybrid with a three cylinder turbodiesel engine, a car that bridges the gap between sports car performance and eco-friendly attitude.  This new BMW concept will produce a total 356 hp between its engine and two electric motors– enough to push this beast to 62mph in 4.8 seconds.

Not only has hybrid electric performance evolved in the last four years, so have the non-driving features.  The BMW i8 can charge its batteries from a 110v outlet in under four hours, while a BMW Charging Station can do the job in 90 minutes.  On electric power alone, those batteries will provide a 22 mile range for local trips, a nice option for an urban commuter or round trip on date night.

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The new BMW i8 will be available in early 2014 with a starting sticker price of $135,925.  It joins the electric-only BMW i3, which will also arrive in 2014 at a lower starting price of $41,000.  Unlike the urban family car that is the i3, the BMW i8 is built for driving excitement, for sporty performance and futuristic styling with an eco-friendly pulse.  We’ve covered this story since it first broke four years ago, and we’re thrilled to see it come full circle with the brand-new BMW i8 plug-in electric hybrid.

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