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    Cogito Original Smart Watch
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Cogito Original Smart Watch

Watches are getting smarter.  While the long-rumored Apple smartwatch has yet to materialize, designers like Cogito are pushing the envelope on their own by building-in smart, connected technologies.  The Cogito Original Smart Watch uses a Bluetooth connection to sync with a smartphone or a tablet to share select technology directly to your wrist.  Incoming calls, text messages and emails can be displayed, but other information can be shown at the preference of the wearer.  Yet the Cogito Original isn’t just a watch with smart features like others on the market, it’s a stylish little sidearm, a watch that stands on its own in the design department.

The Cogito Original Smart Watch is available in a collection of colors, materials and band options.  They’re analog in temporal display but digital in smart feedback, showing icons for messages and other notifications.  Names of callers can be shown on the display to let you know if it’s worth pulling your smartphone out of your pocket to take the call.  This isn’t a one-way interface, either.  If you know you want to skip the call, you can tell your smartphone to hang up by the press of a button on the Cogito Watch.

These new Cogito Smart Watches made the rounds at CES last month, but they’re officially approaching arrival to customers.  You can pre-order one now for $179, with shipping to begin in a few weeks.  Overall, it wouldn’t be a bad price for a watch that looks this good even if it didn’t include the smart technology.  Since it does, it’s a no-brainer for those who like the looks but desire the technology.  [via coolmaterial]

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