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Contemporary-Rustic Karakoy Loft Overlooks Modern Istanbul

This Turkish bachelor’s pad feels as much like a ski chalet as it does an urban loft space. The contemporary-rustic Karakoy Loft is a blending of modern inspiration and classic materials, where natural woods and stone wall accents surround a two-story open floor plan. The home’s contemporary lines and view of the city reflect its modern spirit, but its interior styling exudes rustic chic.

The Karakoy Loft is designed by Ofist, a Turkish architecture firm based in Istanbul. Ofist designed this penthouse space for a single occupant, achieving the goal of building the ultimate bachelor’s pad in the city. The rustic elements of the Karakoy loft continue beyond the materials alone, exemplified by the chalet-style fireplace with a black metal exhaust that extends through both floors of the penthouse. The result is warm, comfortable an inviting, a set of characteristics that can be a challenge to convey in a contemporary home.

The bottom level of the Karakoy Loft is large and open, featuring a living room for relaxation, a kitchen and the aforementioned fireplace. A long bank of windows slide open to the city beyond, turning the interior into a balcony of sorts with an unparalleled view. The lofted upper level is reserved for private spaces, featuring a bedroom and a bathroom that span the entire level. In total, it’s a fitting space for its single bachelor occupant, but capable of providing comfort for two should coupling eventually happen.

The remarkable rustic charm of this contemporary urban loft presents quite a contrast. The images showcase a comfortable, relaxing environment in a decidedly contemporary frame. It’s perfect penthouse living for a modern Turkish bachelor. [photography by Koray Erkaya]

Contemporary-Rustic Karakoy Loft Overlooks Modern Istanbul 3Contemporary-Rustic Karakoy Loft Overlooks Modern Istanbul 8Contemporary-Rustic Karakoy Loft Overlooks Modern Istanbul 2Contemporary-Rustic Karakoy Loft Overlooks Modern Istanbul 6Contemporary-Rustic Karakoy Loft Overlooks Modern Istanbul 9Contemporary-Rustic Karakoy Loft Overlooks Modern Istanbul 11Contemporary-Rustic Karakoy Loft Overlooks Modern Istanbul 7

Karakoy Loft by Ofist | Gallery

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  1. What a great design! Certainly for a bachelor or a couple, and the creativity of the staircase design is over the top! In the 5th photo down (bedroom) it looks like there is a metal grid that is in front of the TV screen – that’d have me PO’d in short order, but overall a terrific design effort!