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    Daniel Libeskind 18.36.54 House: a Sculptural Architecture Masterpiece
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Daniel Libeskind 18.36.54 House: a Sculptural Architecture Masterpiece

An unlikely work of contemporary architecture stands alone on 54 peaceful acres in western Connecticut.  Daniel Libeskind‘s 18.36.54 House is one of the finest works of sculptural architecture of this young century, a wild and imaginative home that resembles none other.  Its angular facets and sharp edges appear to hold sculptural symbolism, but they are driven by the functional purpose of the living space within.  This dramatic steel structure is intentionally expressive, appearing different from every angle without repetition of form.

Beneath the sculptured steel surface, an interior space echoes the bold angles of the exterior.  While the outside fascia is mirror-finished for reflective character, the interior is lined with natural woods and smooth stone-colored flooring.  The living section features geometric walls that accent and separate the home into shared and private spaces alike.  Like the exterior, every angle and perspective in the home has its own appearance, as the architect avoids repetition in any part of the space.

The sculptural character of the Daniel Libeskind 18.36.54 House is rarely paralleled in the world of modern architecture.  It’s a form that is difficult to perfect, and Libeskind has come as close as we have seen in recent memory.  He has created a work of sculptural art for a living occupant, a client who experiences this art every morning, noon and night.  [photography: nicholas koenig]

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