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etihad press 05 Etihad First Class World Travel

We’ve all faced the terrors of flying coach: 1) sitting next to a freak of nature, 2) “sorry, we’re out of beer/wine/liquor”, and 3) the crying kid that likes to kick your seat in between wails.  While traveling first class is at least an escape from those pains, you won’t know true relaxation and luxury unless you’ve flown with Etihad.  Etihad First Class World Travel is an Abu Dabi-based airline that provides a royal experience for travelers who can afford it.  When sitting in first class, Etihad travelers are given their own private cabin with television, internet, a full-length bed, a private wait staff and a nearby luxury bathroom.  While it might be a waste if you’re just jumping a puddle within your region, this kind of service can be great for long-distance, country-to-country travel.  If you’re one of those lucky enough to afford traveling with Etihad, let us know how these new suites treat you.  We’d be thrilled to give them a try ourselves!  [more at businesstraveler]

etihad first class bed Etihad First Class World Travel

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