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    Figo Vengeance Fixed Gear Bike
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Figo Vengeance Fixed Gear Bike


The Figo Vengeance Fixed Gear Bike by Death Spray Custom is easily one of the coolest themed fixie customs we’ve ever seen.  Sure, we’ve seen plenty of dapper vintage-style fixies and some simple, basic fixies, but nothing with a theme as well executed as this.  The Figo Vengeance bike features a set of tied leather handlebars with a trailing feather, created from the materials and culture of Lakota heritage.  The paint job on this bike’s frame continues that story, with Souix totem graphics on the back and the face of an old Sioux native above the fork.  Who is Figo Vengeance?  Mr. Vengeance was a Sioux medicine man who won a cycling race along the West Coast in 1957, the inspiration for this very bike.  Cheers to Death Spray Customs, this is one hell of a bike.   [deathspraycustom]



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