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Floating Garden by Duende Studio


Your fish tank can support a whole lot more than just fish.  Why not grow fresh herbs, vibrant flowers or lush greens from atop your bubbling fish sanctuary?  The Floating Garden by Duende Studio does precisely that, giving your fish a more nutrient-rich, realistic environment while providing your seeds a place to plant roots.  The floating garden removes nitrate wastes from fish by the techniques of gravel-bed filtration and aquaponics.  While the primary use of the garden above is to clean the water for the fish, the resulting greenery can provide an aesthetic and fragrant enhancement to your home or office.  While Duende Studio’s concept is not yet in heavy production, they’re working their way toward that goal.  Our fish, and our living room, would not complain about this little setup… [duende studio via mocoloco]



Floating Garden Gallery