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    Fujifilm X-M1
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Fujifilm X-M1

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A new Fuji x-mount camera has arrived, this time breaking into accessible territory for the photography enthusiast.  The new Fujifilm X-M1 offers compact, professional-grade optics to those who are ready to upgrade from an iPhone or a basic point-and-shoot camera.  The Fujifilm X-M1 features a 16 MP crop sensor, a 3-inch tilting LCD on the rear, access to the full range of modern x-mount lenses and all the basics a blossoming photog would desire.

The most remarkable feature about the new Fujifilm X-M1 is the price– it’ll be available next month for $699 for the body alone.  That’s a far cry from the $1300 Fujifilm X100S (read: the top 5 travel cameras of 2013), and an attractive entry price for those interested in upgrading to a professional-class feature set.

While the pro-level basics are there on the Fujifilm X-M1 — namely interchangeable lenses, a flash hotshoe, a high-res sensor and a broad ISO range — it’s designed with the beginning enthusiast in mind.  There’s no optical viewfinder on the rear of the X-M1, leaving the photographer to compose his/her shot using the LCD.  That’ll feel very familiar to the iPhone or point-and-shoot photog, but a little alien to those who are used to traditional eyepiece composition.

The quality and feature set of the Fujifilm X-M1 is nothing to sneeze at, especially for $699.  Growing photographers who want a compact camera with professional-class lens options should consider this camera.  $699 is a great price to get started, and another hundred will include a 16-50mm kit lens that will cover the wide-to-normal focusing range.  It’s a great offering from Fuji, and we hope it inspires a new group of photographers to begin producing beautiful new images.

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