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    Hard Graft Footwear
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Hard Graft Footwear

Hard Graft, arguably TheCoolist’s favorite accessories brand, has begun producing a fine line of Italian leather footwear.  The new collection of Hard Graft Footwear features three styles with two color options including a high lace boot, a low lace boot and a mid-height zip boot available in “heritage” and “all gray”.  The former color is the natural tanned leather color shown above, and the “all gray” color is a dark gray in a rough 75% shade.  These two color options are common for Hard Graft, as they’ve been featured throughout the brand’s product lines of bags, wallets, laptop cases and iPad sleeves.  Each pair of shoes is priced at $475 after conversion from Pounds Sterling and ships from the UK.  Hard Graft, you’ve made our closet quite happy… and our finances a bit complicated.  We love you either way.

Hard Graft Footwear Gallery

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