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    Havaianas Store Brazil by Isay Weinfeld
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Havaianas Store Brazil by Isay Weinfeld


The ubiquitous Havaianas summer sandal has touched down in Brazil with an amazing new storefront by Isay Weinfeld.  The store has no front door, no window display– it is practically an open-air extension of the sidewalk.  As pedestrians pass by, they are greeted with a small lounge at eye-level, peering over on a balcony into the Havaianas store below.  Inside, the shop has lush green trees and scattered skylights that provide the scenery in which the colorful Havaianas are sold.  Next time you’re in Sao Paolo, be sure to stop by– and send us a photograph and a pair of Sandals!  [archdaily via notcot, photos by nelson kon]




Havaianas Store Gallery