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    VANDEYK Contemporary Cycles
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VANDEYK Contemporary Cycles

Over the last decade, the styling of bicycles has approached the same importance as the quality of the build and the value of its components.  From producer ingenuity to personal embellishment, riders put a lot of focus into how their bike appears to the world, not just how it performs on the street.  Arendt Van Deyk of VANDEYK Contemporary Cycles understands both pride and performance, so he assembled a team of experts in design, performance and hand-crafted bike production.  The result is The Nightstream, a limited-edition high-performance bike with a style sensibility that has us aching for a ride…

The frame of the VANDEYK Nightstream is the work of Georg Blaschke, a 20-year veteran in the world of hand-crafted frame production.  The Nightstream is no different, as Blaschke himself produces each of the 25 limited Nightstream frames by hand.  Once the frame is complete, the frame and brand design by artists Harry Seifert and Holger Gruenwald is applied by a specialized painter, which wraps around its tubing in a colorful fashion.  Finally, the Nightstream goes under the lens of photographer Bernd Kammerer who is responsible for these stunning stills.

The work of this group, from hand-crafted framing to style elements and presentation, reflect the growing importance of style as it relates to performance.  Van Deyk and crew have succeeded with their first attempt, and we’re pumped to see more in the future.  The VANDEYK Nightstream will be produced in a limited run of 25 units, with more projects likely to follow by Van Deyk and his partners.  Visit for more info.

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